The Bullet

This is an adorable Cocker Spaniel puppy owned by our friends Bev and John.

watercolor painting on Arches 140 lb. hot press paper

watercolor painting on Arches 140 lb. hot press paper

She is 2 years old now.  As a puppy, she was known as the Tazmanian devil or the Bullet. Now she has settled down and protects Bev, constantly by her side. Her eyelashes are now 2 inches long.


Longhorn Painting

This is a Longhorn calf that belongs to my neighbor. I love them, I want one…..please Tom?

watercolor painted on arches 140 lb. hot press paper

watercolor painted on arches 140 lb. hot press paper

Ducks Unlimited

watercolor painting Mallards Flying

Hey Mom. Look at us! She must be so proud. Three boys and a girl! Mama duck does it all by herself. All we can do is paint their picture and laugh at them when they take their first few summersaults trying to land for the first time. We love it when they make their first full loop around the house. “Babies flying!” Tom says and our world comes to a halt as we sigh in awe of how thrilling it is to see our ducklings in formation for the first time, every time. It may be four, six , eight or more. Sure they are a target up there, or when they are swimming in the tank,  but aren’t we all. Faster, stronger, tougher. A duck’s gotta do what a duck gotta do.

The original watercolor painting is for sale. Please click on for pricing and shipping information. Thank-you!

Mallard Hen with Ducklings (painting progress)

These ducklings left the nest long before I finished the painting. Is it finished? I’m not sure. I may add another twig or feather. As long as it stays on my easel I can continue to enjoy the painting  process and admire the look in the mother hen’s eye while her babies are still safe and snug by her side. I have a painting in mind of their first flight. It just gets better. I know how you feel proud mama!

Ipod For My Horse, Of-Course

“He wants his OWN radio” she claimed. Wow ! He said that? He was a horse. I thought you had to put peanut butter on their tongue to make them do that. “No, I am communicating with his soul” she scoffed at me. She had accompanied her cousin to look at a mini horse we were selling for a friend. “He also wants his name changed to Alejandro” she added. Apparently our mini Mr. Ed was an Andalusian in a prior life. “He says that your pig stinks and your choice of music is giving him colic”. Now I was feeling insulted. She enlightened me further ” He says you have too many animals” I became impressed. He can count! I had even forgotten how many we had. They left to think it over before committing to purchasing an animal that would require hours and hours of therapy. It’s just as well. He ended up finding a wonderful home right here with us. We did switch the radio to the spanish station and he seems to love El Poder Del Norte and so do I. My spanish is improving and I am getting used to the name Alejandro. No big deal, but the pig stays!

Longhorn Mama & Baby

We had our digital Canons with us as we were riding in the pastures and I think this Mama Longhorn being used to seeing us snapping away, was saying to her baby “Look Honey, they are taking our picture again. Let me wash your face so you’ll look pretty”. Now, she sees me with my sketch book and pencils and comes closer to see if I might have a few cattle cubes in my pocket for my models. You bet I do….

This is egg tempera on paper

Gata Salvaje

This is a painting created using pan pastels. They are great for getting detail  in clouds, and they sure beat using watercolor for the white fur. Their web-site gives details pertaining to their dealer locations as well as tips and advice for using them. They have added three of my pan pastel paintings to their on-line gallery.Co-Madres, Snowball and my Longhorns and Bluebonnets

They also sent me a huge array of their sponges and other applicators along with a set of new colors that I had not tried. I love them!



This is a portrait of our gata salvaje, Snowball, a wild thing who hitched a ride on a fast moving truck and wound up fat and sassy at the Rockin’ P.

Buzzy the Roadrunner

We love all birds, the birds of prey and the preyed upon alike. We are supporters of Last Chance Forever Rapter Sanctuary and have had the good fortune to have had a long friendship with Bruce and Betty Deuley, who have rescued many species of birds and animals through the years. Some of their charges have provided hours of entertainment and inspiration during their visits to our ranch. Most recently, Buzzy the roadrunner became a success story after he was orphaned as a fledgling. Last Spring, Bruce received a call from a kind hearted soul who had discovered a roadrunner nest in a tree that was minutes away from being removed from a construction site, The parents had flown away and had not been seen for I’m not sure how long. Buzzy, the abandoned coyote bait, was already suffering from dehydration and malnutrition by the time he was taken under Bruce’s wing. Fortunately, he was soon buzzing around and accepting the grasshoppers that he was hand fed. The feeding ritual was pretty much a round the clock routine until Buzzy learned to catch bugs on his own. We had made plans for a get together with Bruce and Betty soon after Buzzy had been rescued. We were thrilled when they drove up and surprised us by bringing the Buzzard, I mean Buzzy to spend the week-end with us! The fun began with the arrival of Sinbad and Taz, cockerspaniels belonging to Bev and John and Jannie, the dragon tamed by Lynda and Peter. The guys grilled our dinner and entertained us with guitar picking and karaoke, while us girls ran around like nuts catching grasshoppers and tossing them to Buzzy. By the end of the evening he was running after them all by himself. All we had to worry about was our cats pushing him down a notch on the food chain. La Fiesta went on hasta la madrugada and I took photos until I could no longer maintain my role as designated drunk and disorderly. Sad as it was, I knew that the party was over when I saw two vultures soaring above my head…..

The Daddy of all Crazy Sexy Faces

Here are two of my watercolor portraits of the Little Duke of Hazard” the Welsh stud muffin that puts his stamp on all of his foals.

Feathering My Nest

Too much time spent blogging the last few days……not enough time painting.I have added more Mesquite branches and feathers to this painting since I posted it last time. I hoping that the feathers look like feathers and the twigs look like twigs and not turds. I see enough of those around, thanks to Spooky, our Pomeranian.