My Boys

“Does my hair look OK, Dad?” Our four year old was walking with his Dad to show his new two wheeler bicycle to the beautiful older girl that lived across the street. Here we go, I thought. First crush. Men, boys, actually choose to go off to war. They are in the line of fire, they leave cherished loved ones behind.  We are dodging stray bullets every second of our lives. ….It’s the stray tears and the attacks from the home front that are worrying me more……… If only we could bullet proof their hearts……


Country Boy

Future farmer of America? I don’t think so…..I used to see little boys with blonde curls walking around before Peyton was born and I had no idea I would have such a little angel like that or that he would grow up to be tall, handsome and brilliant like his older brother. They are both awesome and never cease to amaze us…….

Que Bonita Pareja

While I Was Sleeping

I dreamt that I was in Colorado….. and here are the visuals from RCP and Michelle

Ducks Unlimited

watercolor painting Mallards Flying

Hey Mom. Look at us! She must be so proud. Three boys and a girl! Mama duck does it all by herself. All we can do is paint their picture and laugh at them when they take their first few summersaults trying to land for the first time. We love it when they make their first full loop around the house. “Babies flying!” Tom says and our world comes to a halt as we sigh in awe of how thrilling it is to see our ducklings in formation for the first time, every time. It may be four, six , eight or more. Sure they are a target up there, or when they are swimming in the tank,  but aren’t we all. Faster, stronger, tougher. A duck’s gotta do what a duck gotta do.

The original watercolor painting is for sale. Please click on for pricing and shipping information. Thank-you!

Mallard Hen with Ducklings (painting progress)

These ducklings left the nest long before I finished the painting. Is it finished? I’m not sure. I may add another twig or feather. As long as it stays on my easel I can continue to enjoy the painting  process and admire the look in the mother hen’s eye while her babies are still safe and snug by her side. I have a painting in mind of their first flight. It just gets better. I know how you feel proud mama!

National Youth Forum on Medicine

 Peyton had a blast, but is happy to be home. He also was sad to say good-bye to his new friends that he made the last ten days in Phoenix. He learned so much about the medical field and has shared a lot about his thoughts for his future career. We arrived home less than an hour ago and he was already confronted with his first medical trauma at the ranch!!!!!

The Statue Of Liberty

“The Statue Of Yiberty” he called it when he was about two years old. He saw it in person last year and I guess he was impressed. He had survived Costa Rica without being chomped on by alligators or the other itinerary that inspired me to start blogging. It wasn’t until he returned to our small “safe” little town in South Texas that he had the windows shattered out of his SUV and his recorded Brisket Diaries stolen. He was in search of the best brisket taco….I know that he knows that it’s been here all along…..whatever he’s looking for, you can bet RCP will find it. I tell myself….” Just remember, Mama, a mother is not someone to lean upon. It’s someone who makes leaning unnecessary.”