Country Boy

Future farmer of America? I don’t think so…..I used to see little boys with blonde curls walking around before Peyton was born and I had no idea I would have such a little angel like that or that he would grow up to be tall, handsome and brilliant like his older brother. They are bothContinue reading “Country Boy”

Ducks Unlimited

watercolor painting Mallards Flying Hey Mom. Look at us! She must be so proud. Three boys and a girl! Mama duck does it all by herself. All we can do is paint their picture and laugh at them when they take their first few summersaults trying to land for the first time. We love itContinue reading “Ducks Unlimited”

Mallard Hen with Ducklings (painting progress)

These ducklings left the nest long before I finished the painting. Is it finished? I’m not sure. I may add another twig or feather. As long as it stays on my easel I can continue to enjoy the painting ¬†process and admire the look in the mother hen’s eye while her babies are still safeContinue reading “Mallard Hen with Ducklings (painting progress)”

National Youth Forum on Medicine

¬†Peyton had a blast, but is happy to be home. He also was sad to say good-bye to his new friends that he made the last ten days in Phoenix. He learned so much about the medical field and has shared a lot about his thoughts for his future career. We arrived home less thanContinue reading “National Youth Forum on Medicine”

The Statue Of Liberty

“The Statue Of Yiberty” he called it when he was about two years old. He saw it in person last year and I guess he was impressed. He had survived Costa Rica without being chomped on by alligators or the other itinerary that inspired me to start blogging. It wasn’t until he returned to ourContinue reading “The Statue Of Liberty”