We Just Love These Guys

  I haven’t lost a finger yet…..These Cow boys are amazing guys. Of-course horses, sheep, goats, are wonderful and our dogs, cats and pig (are) human but we are just getting to know about the cuteness of cows…..and it is really fun

Two Dumb Blondes

  NO way are these babies dumb. Blonde yes, but maybe it comes from a bottle, I admit to highlights myself……Yesterday they found a tiny little gap in the fence and had a hayday exploring the neighbor’s 800 acre ranch. THANKS for the workout involved in getting you back, turds!    (We love you, justContinue reading “Two Dumb Blondes”

Houston Street Fair in San Antonio, Texas

  I found out how to recycle all those used wine corks      The Houston Street fair in downtown San Antonio is held on the last Saturday of the month. This month the theme was Christmas. The crowd was not so huge. Lots of cute little kids having fun!       Texas FlagContinue reading “Houston Street Fair in San Antonio, Texas”

Longhorns And Bluebonnets

I just picked up an incredible Giclee of my painting…… I did not have to worry about the care and consideration of my cherished paintings! I could hardly tell the original artwork from the reproductions. I can go to HEB and get copies of snapshots, but this process is just incredible!!! The print is doneContinue reading “Longhorns And Bluebonnets”

WOW!!!! What a fun day!!!!!!!

        We drove to Karnes City to see the famous Kimble Longhorn Cattle and we were not disappointed with the awesomeness of all of them. Dr. Janis Kimble gave us a wonderful tour of their beautiful ranch and these guys literally ate out of our hands. WOW was just as impressive asContinue reading “WOW!!!! What a fun day!!!!!!!”

2008 Floresville Peanut Festival Photos

                  All the animals were pretty laid back during this year’s parade. We took over 500 photos during the 2 hour parade and the festival on Saturday. I will add more photos soon. The floats were very creative and colorful! Held the second full week-end in October,Continue reading “2008 Floresville Peanut Festival Photos”