With a little bit of Luck

Why do people say that you have a hard outer shell? Shells are not always hard. A tortoise or turtle shell is made of the same substance as our fingernails and horses hooves. Nutrition plays a vital part in the health and strength. Too much protein is almost always the culprit.  You can look at them and see the degree of health. One of our mini horses has trouble with his hooves….I have raised  Mini Mac since he was a baby and never has he had a problem with his hooves until recently.

Eddie in his winter man cave

Fast Eddie our African Sulcata Tortoise is 25 years old….mas o menos… He already had a perfect shell when we got him. Of-course I will feel like I did something wrong if ever he got sick…..I read about all the nutrition and supplement advice , I light candles, I do a little dance and pray. If you talk to 15 different horse owners, you will get 20 different answers, but if you have an African Sulcata Tortoise, you can just read  about care at  the Sulcata Station and they have the answers……


Fast Eddie’s Safe Return

continuing my story from yesterday, after receiving the phone call from the men who had found Eddie, my next step was to try to figure out donde estuvo mi tortuga grande? They were not sure exactly which county road they were on. We did not even have road signs until a few years ago. Before that it was, take the first turn past the tree that looks like a sombrero until you see the cactus that looks like a dinosaur,  follow that road until you get shot at and you are there. After several dropped calls and turnarounds, I saw the truck with my heroes standing in a circle around Eddie. One of them made the sign of the cross when he saw me. I asked them if they could help me lift him into the bed of my truck, but they looked worried and one said “Lo siento, pero no nos queremos perder los dedos”. They were afraid that Eddie would bite them. Not unless you are wearing chanclas and toenail polish I thought, but I assured them by saying “No preocuparse, mi tortuga nunca muerde nadie” If we had been closer to home, i would have transported Eddie in my wheelbarrow, but we were about five miles from home, so I said a prayer as they  gingerly lifted him into the truck without dropping him like a hot tamale. Once Eddie was safely back in his pen, he seemed happy to be there. He attacked his favorite treats of bell peppers and Romaine lettuce. His four day adventure had taken him through coastal bermuda fields, which he loves, but like they say, there’s no place like home!

(right, Christopher?)