Watercolor, Oil And Acrylic Paintings Of Cows By Dana Spring Parish

I have a selection of limited signed and numbered Giclees of my paintings. A Giclee is a process used to retain and preserve the utmost quality and detail of the original painting. Each professional reproduction is created using premium artist’s archival material which is acid free and after approval is hand signed by me. Purchases may be made using check, money order or¬† credit cards. To see pricing and billing info…..click HERE.



  1. I would like information to purchase the Longhgorn and Bluebonnets
    Thank you, Sara

  2. Sara, A Giclee of the Longhorns and Bluebonnets measures 12X18 inches and sells for $200.00.

  3. Thank you Sara. I received your order for the six Giclees. We are getting them in the mail today! I am working on your commission paintings and you will love them! I hope the girls will enjoy these heirloom Christmas presents!!!

  4. I just e-mailed you about your Longhorns & Bluebonnets…….I need one for Christmas!
    Thanks Della

  5. Della, my limited editions are all sold for this year. I have a few artist’s proof prints left. They are the same price until the first of 2009.
    Thank you, Dana Parish

  6. Allison, I will get your two Giclees in the mail as soon as I receive your certified check.

  7. Della I am getting really low on Giclees for Christmas! Thanks! I received your check today.
    Happy Holidays! I know your Grandmother will be so happy as well as your daughter!

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