Happy New Year

Bailey Boy

We had a fun day taking pictures, as always. This is one of my favorites of 2010! Just taken a few minutes ago by LEICAMAN. To see other favorite photos taken in 2010….click HERE


Christmas Photos

Here a few of my favorites.

RCP and Peyton

Peyton and Shana

Patch and Caitlin

Peyton and Sky

Peyton and RCP

RCP, Grand Moye and Peyton

RCP, Tom and Peyton

Seeing is believing… (via Just saying…)

great digital photography from a master

Seeing is believing... Digital photography has taken photographing into a realm of infinite possibilities. It truly has been a very progressive and challenging technology. It has changed not only the workflow of creating a photograph but also the technique of executing the photograph. It has altered the way photographs are created, viewed, manipulated and printed. … Read More

via Just saying…

Christmas 2010

Tina Dena Christopher Shana Caitlin Peyton and missing Taylor

The time has flown by. The holiday season should be followed by a holiday season to recover from all the rigamarole…does that come from rigamortis…..creo que si…..This is one of those posts that comes from the after effects of too much good tidings. The photo is a keeper, though. Felice año nuevo! Dos mil once va a ser padrisimo…..


My babies….

Mini Macaroni

I took some photos tonight of some of my babies that I want to post the next few days. Here is Mini Mac….

He is actually a mini monster. Of-course we adore him, He is jealous because Francie his Arabian sister horse gets to wear a blanket when it gets cold. Last week, he faked being sick and just wanted to wear a blankie, too. We need to find one that fits him, maybe one for a pot-bellied pig…