Day One of the Big Move

Peyton obviously cherishes his T Shirts. Like his Mom. I could not walk past the stack of them (without second thoughts) from my own closet, that had to go a few years ago. SO, I faithfully ironed on the identifying patches to Peyton’s wardrobe, and in some cases supplemented the ID with sharpie markers….to makeContinue reading “Day One of the Big Move”

Bed Bugs and Beyond

My Grandmother used to say “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” Then she would sprinkle holy water on me. Why are we hearing so much about bed bugs these days? Is it because Bed Bath and Beyond wants to sell us expensive mattress pads and pillow covers? I took a chance and boughtContinue reading “Bed Bugs and Beyond”

Afternoon at the Museum

Peyton and I were lucky to have been able to take a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago while we were visiting the golden boy, Christopher. We were given a wonderful tour guided by Annie and joined by her Mom, Debby! It was incredible to see so many historical paintings in one place. IContinue reading “Afternoon at the Museum”