Day One of the Big Move

Peyton obviously cherishes his T Shirts. Like his Mom. I could not walk past the stack of them (without second thoughts) from my own closet, that had to go a few years ago. SO, I faithfully ironed on the identifying patches to Peyton’s wardrobe, and in some cases supplemented the ID with sharpie markers….to make sure someone who tried to claim these heirlooms as their own, would at least feel a twinge of guilt if they DARE to pilfer them out of the dorm or laundry room.


Bed Bugs and Beyond

My Grandmother used to say “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” Then she would sprinkle holy water on me. Why are we hearing so much about bed bugs these days? Is it because Bed Bath and Beyond wants to sell us expensive mattress pads and pillow covers? I took a chance and bought the least expensive mattress cover for Peyton to use in the college dorm where: “Bed bugs are rampant” according to the blip on the label of the $200.00 bedbugbarrier pad. The back of the package had photos of the horrifying beasts magnified 1000 times to show the blood sucking fangs! Can you just say SHOO, SHOO and the bugs will run away? Will holy water blessed by the Pope do the trick? Speaking of shoe, I have had some critters take up residence in my shoes lately. I’m used to brown gloppy substances sticking to the bottom of my shoe, but a few weeks ago I put my foot into my shoe and felt something squishy. I surprised a little fat toad sleeping there. We have a family of tiny Geckos that occasional scurry across the floor, so I wasn’t too surprised to find a little one, again in my shoe. I think I better stick to open toes for awhile, until Dr. Scholl comes up with a special toadinator insert……..

Swim Piggy Swim!!!!

WHAT? Is everybody out to get Miss Piggy?  We almost took her to the coast with us…….When I saw these signs in the windows of all the bait shops, I was glad that she was safe at home! All I could think of was it must have been a long time since we had gone fishing! I was ready to go rescue all the live piggies until I saw the flag waving……Still, I feel bad even though they are not really little Miss Piggy’s.

Afternoon at the Museum

Peyton and I were lucky to have been able to take a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago while we were visiting the golden boy, Christopher.

Pinch me, I think I am dreaming!

We were given a wonderful tour guided by Annie and joined by her Mom, Debby! It was incredible to see so many historical paintings in one place. I was overwhelmed.

this is going to be awesome.....

I have a special place in my heart for Van Gogh, like who doesn’t, right?

Candle in the wind

This was the most wonderful afternoon, thanks to Annie and Debbie! Just amazing!!!!!!One of my favorites by Van GoghFrederick Childe HassamGeorgia O”Keefe

We were able to view the Henri Cartier- Bresson photography exhibit while we were there. Daddy Bub would have LOVED it!

The Journey

several couches ago

I was trying to remember what year, which Chicago apartment and which couch this was without going to the iPhoto file……..The glasses indicate that it had to be ’07. This is 2010…….Pretty awesome place!

Lost in the Supermarket

My shopping cart is on auto pilot as I shuffle down the isles in the grocery store. I reach for the chocolate chip cookies, smores pop tarts and lunchables before I realize Peyton will be in Chicago for another week.  This is a good practice run for when he is in Ohio. I will skip past the frozen pizza and ice cream and pass up the five Hershey bars for a dollar special at the check out. Not so fast, though. I decide that I will stock the pantry just the same in order to make the transition to empty nest easier. As I munch on my third Reeses peanut butter cup, I realize that I have just started on my freshman fifteen.

Oh Nooooooo!

Run Piggy Run!!!!

This sign was hanging in Jimmy Johns in Chicago. I told them that I had a cute little pot-bellied pig. They offered to give me some day old bread for her, but I knew what they were thinking……They just wanted to fatten her up……..This little piggy stays home!!!!

Ready for Ohio Winters

Does this hat make my ears look smaller? My Mom is getting ready for the winters in Athens, Ohio.She set the air conditioner to 0 degrees today. The temperature outside here in South Texas is 100 degrees. My friend Debby hand made this hat for me. She said that Spooky (a mangy mutt) could wear it, but that Pomeranian is not coming to Ohio University, just me. If the hat fits, wear it!I know this photo is a little blurry,but like I said..the AC is set to negative zero and I am shivering my ears off! Thank goodness I have this awesome hat to wear!!!!!! Thank you Debby!  I’m glad I don’t have to pay the utility bills in this house.

Donkey Coffee

Donkey Coffee is the best place to hang out on a hot day in the summer in Athens, Ohio. The couches are comfortable to say the least. I imagine the cold days of winter will make this spot just as inviting. That’s where I will be in about one month. Just call me the Donkey Lady. Peyton loves the Chi Tea.Free WiFi makes it even better……