Week-end Fun

Yesterday, (the last Saturday in September) was the last Houston Street Fair in downtown San Antonio. “Lead the way” Moye said and I gladly made a beeline for the booth called Karm Leon. Claudia and Sandra were actually hand sewing some of their amazing cuff bracelets. That made it even more special knowing that weContinue reading “Week-end Fun”

It was A Dark and Creepy Night….

We love it when we spot an owl. Seeing two was a special treat late one  afternoon, trail riding in a wooded area of the ranch. We always carry our cameras with us on our saddles, but these two were long gone before we had a chance to capture them. This is a big painting Continue reading “It was A Dark and Creepy Night….”

Flashback Friday

My Mom was a Diva before they became commonplace. Her acting career quickly became world renowned. She was a black man once. One of her most daring roles was the Statue of Liberty on a float….. in a swimming pool….in January. Her earliest performance is listed in the Hall of Fame. Even though she onlyContinue reading “Flashback Friday”

Renegade Handmade

Etsy is just too much fun and I can thank MY ETSY for all the fun and letting me know what I missed!!!!! In Chicago recently Renegade Handmade had a craft show and I think I will have to be there next year. In the meantime I am following them on their blog, on twitterContinue reading “Renegade Handmade”

Senior Moments

These moments are flying by so fast, it is hard to tell which ones are the most significant. All milestones send me into a spiral and my thoughts run rampant like an accelerator is being pressed to the floor, but the brakes are not functioning. Tom and I are seniors. and lest we forget, ourContinue reading “Senior Moments”