Nothing but Blues Skies

Our two Longhorns found an open gate and went to visit the neighbors large herd of welcoming cows. As much as we wanted them back, we were not sure how to separate them from their friends without a stampede. Weekday mornings do not allow enough time to do any cattle rustling, but luckily they happenedContinue reading “Nothing but Blues Skies”


I don’t know what he told her, maybe he just breathed in her ear, but whatever, I walked outside and Miss Piggy was sure having fun with Cactus Jack…I oughta write a book!!!  

Two Dumb Blondes

  NO way are these babies dumb. Blonde yes, but maybe it comes from a bottle, I admit to highlights myself……Yesterday they found a tiny little gap in the fence and had a hayday exploring the neighbor’s 800 acre ranch. THANKS for the workout involved in getting you back, turds!    (We love you, justContinue reading “Two Dumb Blondes”

WOW From Karnes City

  We stopped by the cattle barn to see WOW taking a rest before his unhaltered class at the South Texas Longhorn Association Show held  on the first Saturday of the San Antonio Stock Show. We missed seeing his performance in the unhaltered class for steers, but we are sure he was stellar as usual.Continue reading “WOW From Karnes City”

Fancy Seeing You Here !!!!

  Good news, bad news……the good news is that I saw my Longhorn  buddies Bingo and Tator Tot at the P-Nut festival in Floresville. These little angels shared my snow cone and gave me an awesome ride down to the courthouse to see the giant peanut. The bad news is that Bingo is for saleContinue reading “Fancy Seeing You Here !!!!”

Longhorns Make Good Mamas

They are always watchful of their babies and very protective. The coyotes and other predators hardly have a chance with the way that these Mamas aggressively guard their babies. We love to see the Egrets around the cattle and they are as beneficial as they are beautiful to watch. They follow the cows and eatContinue reading “Longhorns Make Good Mamas”

B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name O……

I found a way to raise funds for our proposed ski slope endeavor. Apparently, Texas is not known for their ski rental facilities, yet, but we are known for our Longhorns. I am embarrassed to say that I paid five bucks, the price of a margarita to ride Bingo, a Longhorn who luckily was stoutContinue reading “B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name O……”