Every new year of living in the country has brought new appreciation for all the natural beauty that surrounds us. You would think that after 15 years of living in the same place that we would have seen every species of birds, plants and trees that we are ever going to see, but for whatever reason….global warming or maybe I just forgot that I already saw a particular bird or tree….. Sometimes it is fun to make up new ones.

Here are my Rockin’ P Ranch  Arboles Rojos

So Beautiful or So What

so beautiful

In the words of Paul Simon

You know life is what we make it

So beautiful or so what

I’m gonna tell my kids a bedtime story

A play without a plot

Will it have a happy ending?

Maybe yeah, maybe not

I tell them life is what you make of it

So beautiful or so what

Soooooooo beautiful

Some people are like flowers, they are sooooo beautiful.  There is a lot of so what and so awful in the world, but I will never be inspired by that.

Will Pose for Food

this is going to coast you.....

Sky was very patient while I painted her sitting in front of the bay in Rockport. She finally said “Just take a picture” Well we did take about 500 with the two Canons and of-course video with the Flip camera from the minute that we left the ranch until we stopped at Dairy Queen for vanilla ice cream!!!!!

There Are No Words

My running route in San Antonio has been the same neighborhood forever…..First with two Shelties as running buddies, then Christopher in a pram, I ran alone for awhile, and then was happily accompanied by my talkative little buddy Peyton in a baby jogger. The music on my Ipod keeps me motivated and often mirrors my thoughts. Last week, I was running down a familiar street and passed houses that I have seen for years.  A man is walking to his door….They Sprinkled Moondust in your Hair. I see a flash of beautiful silver white hair. With Gold and Starlight in your Eyes of Blue. I don’t see his eyes, not this time. I run on thinking, maybe  next time… It is a rare treat to see someone that reminds me of Daddy Bub. Yesterday, running down the same street, I did not see a living soul, but I was listening to an instrumental by Kinisi and the title was This Mans Lives…..

the angels got together to create a dream come true...

Tonight’s gonna be a Goodnight

That’s because this afternoon was such a good one. I have been reading and pouring over a great book about Marc Chagall A poet with the wings of a painter. He lived to be 97 !!!!! Most of his paintings have goats depicted in them due to his religious background…….

I have a new goatian angel and I feel her little bossy self following me around wherever I go and I love it. For the first time in fourteen years of living in the country…a scorpion walked across my barefoot toes and skittered off without stinging me…..una milagro! I will sleep peacefully knowing that such a wise, godly goat creature is looking after us!