So Beautiful or So What

In the words of Paul Simon You know life is what we make it So beautiful or so what I’m gonna tell my kids a bedtime story A play without a plot Will it have a happy ending? Maybe yeah, maybe not I tell them life is what you make of it So beautiful orContinue reading “So Beautiful or So What”

Will Pose for Food

Sky was very patient while I painted her sitting in front of the bay in Rockport. She finally said “Just take a picture” Well we did take about 500 with the two Canons and of-course video with the Flip camera from the minute that we left the ranch until we stopped at Dairy Queen forContinue reading “Will Pose for Food”

Tonight’s gonna be a Goodnight

That’s because this afternoon was such a good one. I have been reading and pouring over a great book about Marc Chagall A poet with the wings of a painter. He lived to be 97 !!!!! Most of his paintings have goats depicted in them due to his religious background……. I have a new goatianContinue reading “Tonight’s gonna be a Goodnight”