Better Late……

I am catching up on some posts…..Not sure why it has taken so long….must have lost my head. Anyway, here are a few photos from our Halloween/GMa Birthday Party in October 2012We never know who will make an appearance at this annual event! It can be really scary at times!!!Lucky for us, the Tincredibles areContinue reading “Better Late……”

Happy Halloween

  How Embarrassing…… We had a great party…….My brother dressed as a skunk and I was a Labrador eaten by a chicken……..There was a devil dog, a Doctor McNinja and his sexy sailor nurse, two Emt’s, a Greek freak, Osama Obama YoMama and others…… It is a wild and crazy party going on until Halloween….checkContinue reading “Happy Halloween”

Trick Or Treat

Halloween is our most favorite holiday! We dress up, or at least our parents dress us up in cute costumes and we have a BIG party at Grandmother’s house for her Halloween birthday…..and just as much fun, when the little kids come trick or treating to our door, we bark and steal all their candy….booContinue reading “Trick Or Treat”