Fast Food

yum yum

Fast Eddie loves red bell peppers. He eats romaine lettuce and cucumbers, too. When I can find some spineless cactus, that is also a special treat. What he really wants is a girlfriend, but he may have to wait for that…..


Morning Run

Monday mornings are blue. Everybody is off to work and school. Luckily, I have a little company on my morning runs. Francie the horse, Sky the nut and Miss Piggy who says, “Hurry the hell up. I am starving!!!”

the race is on....

Inspiration, ETC

“Are you inspired, now?” I was not, unfortunately. Tom and I had just left our third art gallery Saturday morning and he thought surely with all the fine art that we had seen, I must be inspired.”Do you want to go to another gallery?” He sweetly inquired. We both agreed that the first one was the best by far, but I told him that I had learned a little bit even from the not so great paintings. Some had excellent techniques, but lame subject matter and others were cutesy themes lacking skill. “I know what I would like to do” Tom said “But I don’t think you would want to.”His idea was to go home….load up my sketch book, paints, pencils or whatever, look for a good spot and do some plein air painting. Great idea!!!!! We found the perfect spot just a few miles from home.

I had a little set of watercolor paints that I had never used.  Tom packed an ice chest. We had everything…….beer,wine, corkscrew,glass,chair,quilt…….I sat down finally inspired for the first time in months and realized I had forgotten my paintbrushes! Tom thought that was pretty funny. It was. He jumped in the truck to go home to get them and in the meantime I started painting with some petals and twigs. The wind started blowing and really added to the impressionism of the field of wild flowers. I really appreciated the ETC wine, my brushes, and especially the brilliant idea that Tom had to end the perfect day!

It is so much fun to capture the flowers that will not be here tomorrow. The Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush are already wilting. When I finish this painting, I can always remember this Spring of 2010!

Hannah Bear

We had a movie marathon that night, not so long ago. Nothing scary on the TV, but the blackness of the world outside and the howling of the coyotes were enough to assure Hannah that as long as we stayed awake we would be safe. We never really went to sleep at all, but as soon as the sun came up we were ready to take on the world. It must look like such a big wild world to a child. It is big. The only thing Spooky had to say about the whole thing is”HEY! She was choking me in that picture!!!!”

Rainy Days and Sundays

Hey people, my name is Sky. I’ve been cooped up all week because of the rain here in Tejas. When I do go outside I track in loads of sand and oak pollen. I hear it is sunny in Chicago. I am really in the mood for some good Chicago pizza and maybe a hotdog. When I’m not feeling sorry for myself, I do have quite a nice life on the ranch…..if you are bored like me, read about it HERE.

Faces IV by Donna Bruni

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”–Picasso

Parchman Stremmel Galleries in San Antonio hosted an opening reception Saturday evening, April 17 for the photography/art exhibit titled Faces IV created by Donna Bruni. Her digital photography is saturated with the vivid hues masterfully recorded during her travels…. notably, the richness of Santa Fe. Her eye for intriguing composition is magnified by her balance of symmetry and character in her subject matter. Donna has been able to capture fleeting moments of a personality that may be hidden from a casual observer. The exhibit will continue until the 30th of April. Parchman Stremmel Galleries is located at 110 W. Olmos in San Antonio, Texas.

First Impression(ism)

Thursday morning…..What a crappy day it started out to be.I got soaked just walking to the truck and I dropped my bag in a mud puddle.Nothing important, just my laptop, etc. Pouring down rain, too ridiculous to try to run, so I headed into San Antonio earlier than scheduled with plans to take Grand-Moye (MIL) to the McNay Art Museum and to lunch. I waded through ankle deep pools of water to her apartment. She was frazzled about everything and I could totally relate. It took awhile but we located her safely hidden purse, wallet and keys, solved the mystery of her missing (stolen) wardrobe and braved the unappealing weather. I crammed the walker into the backseat, so it wouldn’t get any wetter or worse yet, bounce out of the back of the truck onto the highway. We parked and slogged with umbrella and walker into the door of the new Modern wing of the art museum. Herds of school children careened past us causing me to sigh knowing that my field trip days are gone. All gloom and watered down sorrow dissolved as soon as we walked up to the first amazing impressionist painting. Focusing on American artists from the 1870’s to 1930, the exhibit was wittingly displayed alongside photography from 1845 to 1945. “This is cool!” Grand Moye was beaming. We poured over the 26 exquisite works of art and the photographs that were examples of vintage processing techniques that we had never heard of. We reminisced about our days spent in the darkroom and how Daddy Bub has bestowed his love of photography to all of his children and grandchildren. We could have stayed all day and when it was time to leave, we vowed to return soon and often. Lunch was long overdue. We pigged out with tortilla soup and Caesar salad while we talked about other galleries and museums that we planned to check out.The Greenhouse would be next. “Some people would think museums are boring, but not me” she laughed. What a perfect day it turned out to be, I thought as I left her content,renewed and looking forward to happily ever after. Art can really heal the heart!


That’s one thing I can laugh about…..LOL in fact. Ghosts if they did exist would be a lot more fun than some of the dumb butts here on earth. Someone on twitter just brought the fact to my attention that Athens, Ohio where Ohio University is located is known for it’s haunted sites including an insane asylum that harbors serial killer poltergeists. Sounds like my kind of town. Check it out!

HAUNTED ATHENS: Athens County, Ohio.

Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art

The Salon International 2010 exhibit opened at the beautiful Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, April 10th. Located on N.New Braunfels, it is just a short distance from the Mc Nay Art Institute. I had seen several excellent works of art at their on-line site and was anxious to check them out in person. Two of the paintings that I was most interested in were by the same artist, Lee Alban. I looked through the entire exhibit and saw some great art. Finally, in one of the last rooms  I found Study in Red. The artist, Lee Alban happened to be standing next to his work with his portfolio. It was an extra bonus to be able to see his other work as well. He pointed out his other painting of cactus, titled Sedona sin Rojo, that was at the show and I loved it also. Peyton and Hannah were ready to go on to other places after about 30 mintes. I look forward to returning soon to spend hours and hours studying every brush stroke of my hundred or so favorite pieces. Click here to see artwork by Dana Spring Parish. Hoping to be a contender in the Salon International one day soon.