Inspiration, ETC

“Are you inspired, now?” I was not, unfortunately. Tom and I had just left our third art gallery Saturday morning and he thought surely with all the fine art that we had seen, I must be inspired.”Do you want to go to another gallery?” He sweetly inquired. We both agreed that the first one wasContinue reading “Inspiration, ETC”

Rainy Days and Sundays

Hey people, my name is Sky. I’ve been cooped up all week because of the rain here in Tejas. When I do go outside I track in loads of sand and oak pollen. I hear it is sunny in Chicago. I am really in the mood for some good Chicago pizza and maybe a hotdog.Continue reading “Rainy Days and Sundays”

Faces IV by Donna Bruni

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”–Picasso Parchman Stremmel Galleries in San Antonio hosted an opening reception Saturday evening, April 17 for the photography/art exhibit titled Faces IV created by Donna Bruni. Her digital photography is saturated with the vivid hues masterfully recorded during her travels…. notably, the richness of Santa Fe.Continue reading “Faces IV by Donna Bruni”


That’s one thing I can laugh about…..LOL in fact. Ghosts if they did exist would be a lot more fun than some of the dumb butts here on earth. Someone on twitter just brought the fact to my attention that Athens, Ohio where Ohio University is located is known for it’s haunted sites including anContinue reading “HAUNTED ATHENS: What Me Worry?”

Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art

The Salon International 2010 exhibit opened at the beautiful Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, April 10th. Located on N.New Braunfels, it is just a short distance from the Mc Nay Art Institute. I had seen several excellent works of art at their on-line site and was anxious to check them out inContinue reading “Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art”