The Gift of Music

I am so used to running with my iPod that I almost can’t run without it. The fact is doing anything without music is not nearly as uplifting or relaxing depending on the mood. The music on the radio is generally so repetitive that after a while I would rather turn it off. I never knew that there are actually so many incredible musicians out there that the average person like me would never have heard of them if not for an excellent source of information listed in the website¬† .Thanks to these folks, I have bought countless CD’s and iTunes hits that I knew I had to have. I am able to preview singles before I commit to buying and this has saved me from spending money on¬† something I will never listen to. I would have never traveled to Chicago and invested in a ticket to Lollapalooza if harmondrive had not introduced me to some of the talent that would be there. Just like you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can’t tell what a song is like unless you listen……..Just sayin’


Cicada Summer

I love the name of this band from Georgia that I just listened to. Their music is great and I can just picture myself sitting on the front porch listening to their album, with the cicadas singing in the background. This band is lead by Maxwell Dale Creagh Roll and Speros Constantine Kokenes with percussion contributions to fill out the rhythm sections by Jeff Harrison. An upcoming interview can be read on the music and photography web-site Harmon Drive, so be sure to bookmark this site and check back often. Right now you can access free downloads of Cicada Summer’s album and other music you may not discover on any other site at least before the rest of the really hip and cool people like me… clicking here. Hope you love it. Support Harmon Drive by telling a friend. Enjoy!