Miss Piggy

I’m not sure how old our Miss Piggy is in people years, but I think she must be a teenager around 15. She is still sweet and polite, but she is sporting a radical new hair style, a MOHAWK and I am wondering what comes next. I’ve read that even these innocent little pot-bellied pigs can transform into feral hogs in a matter of weeks! Has she met her dream Javelin while rooting around the fields? Will I see her with a family of marrinitos? No, I think she is happy to slop here at the Rockin’ P. Besides she would never give up  her treats from Grandmother……Mopiggy


Just Something Silly To Lighten Things Up A Bit

I love all animals, duh! Bugs, included, scorpions not so much, but I am more a dog and pony person rather than a cat in my face person. Tom especially could live without them, especially inside ones. But  anything that reminds us of Daddy Bub is gladly welcome in our house. In this case a really spoiled cat named Kirby. We brought her home last December and she fit in just great, litter box and all. To keep the dogs from stealing her food, I kept her bowl on the bed side table. She would reach up to get a bite several times a night until she realized it was much easier to wake me up so that I could put the bowl on the bed beside me and give her a massage while she ate. Just fine until we went out of town for a few days. Now she has to be on the pillow next to me or on me with her bowl next to her all night. Last night, I forgot about the bowl and tipped it into my face. Luckily I was able to scoop most of it back into her bowl without even waking Tom.

Calling All Prayer Warriors!!!!

My husband Tom’s brother Russell Parish is in great need of all our prayers! He was airlifted to the University of Louisville Hospital last night after passing out at his home in Indiana. He is extremely anemic and has cancer which is still being identified. We can do this!!!!!

Love and thank-you!


Happy Birthday Leicalady!

Leicalady, the blog, that is celebrated her birthday in Chicago. It all began one year ago when Peyton set off for his National Youth Forum in Phoenix for TEN DAYS. To survive without mi Hijo menor…..I thought better of traipsing around the countryside with gas upwards of  four bucks a gallon. My time was cheap if not free just sitting on my butt, which got bigger, by the way, but it is what it is……Why are ducks so damn cute when they waddle and humans not so much?

Shaw’s Crab House

One of the best things about the fantastic dinner at Shaw’s where  Jen and Kevin’s rehearsal dinner was held was the fact that Kevin was able to enjoy everything on the menu! He had been allergic to seafood  for years, but had been recently tested and declared  free to attack and eat Jaws if necessary. Grilled salmon,pasta with spinach,asparagus and broccoli, King crab legs,crab cakes,shrimp and an awesome salad and bread and the band was incredible. John Kattke, Brother John played such an amazing variety,  I  had to look to make sure that  another group had not replaced them. Shaw’s is located at 21 E. Hubbard. Can’t wait to go back!!!!

John Kattke

John Kattke


Dana, Tom, Christopher and Peyton

Dana, Tom, Christopher and Peyton

Dana and boys at the rehearsal dinner

Dancing with the Star

Dancing with the Star


Leaving our menagerie of cherished pets, was stressful to say the least. Getting them all situated was a challenge. I had a last minute panic when I did a check on the horses and saw that two mares  had weepy eyes. Were they crying because they sensed that we were going to be gone or was it a serious eye infection. I was half tempted to stay home, I felt so bad to think that I had not noticed this the day before when I could have done something about it. I would just have to trust that Tiffany our vet tech who would be taking care of them would be able to handle this and any other problem that would arise. I had thoughts of permanent damage and chaos that would haunt me forever. By the time we got to San Antonio, Tiffany had already checked them out and assured me that it was nothing serious and I felt immediately better. I walked into the book store inside the airport and a title caught my eye. Less than 200 pages, I knew that Sway  would ease my mind and erase the worry that threatened to derail this awesome trip. sculpture

Shave and a Haircut two Bits!

I’m not sure what the haircuts cost, we bought some hair gel and setting spray, too, but Jennifer did a great job on Christopher’s hair, so we got an appointment for Peyton and Tom, too. If you are in the Chicago area and in need of a hair cut, you will love Jennifer’s Hair Studio located at 200 W Monroe. Call her at (312) 419-1900new style for tppJennifer's hair Studio

Chi Town

I am in Best Buy on Michigan Ave in Chicago, right outside the Westin hotel.Peyton is looking at video games and I am just playing with my new laptop! I love it! We had lunch with Christopher at this really great Italian Deli and he is taking a rest. He is off work for the day and will soon be getting ready for the rehearsal which is also right accross the street from the Westin. The wedding of Kevin and Jen will take place tomorrow at 5:00.

  I miss my dogs, cats, horses,goats, sheep,tortoise,ducks,pig, but not the scorpion that is smashed and flushed after hiding in my shoe to nail me on the toe.