Miss Piggy

I’m not sure how old our Miss Piggy is in people years, but I think she must be a teenager around 15. She is still sweet and polite, but she is sporting a radical new hair style, a MOHAWK and I am wondering what comes next. I’ve read that even these innocent little pot-bellied pigsContinue reading “Miss Piggy”

Just Something Silly To Lighten Things Up A Bit

I love all animals, duh! Bugs, included, scorpions not so much, but I am more a dog and pony person rather than a cat in my face person. Tom especially could live without them, especially inside ones. But  anything that reminds us of Daddy Bub is gladly welcome in our house. In this case aContinue reading “Just Something Silly To Lighten Things Up A Bit”

Calling All Prayer Warriors!!!!

My husband Tom’s brother Russell Parish is in great need of all our prayers! He was airlifted to the University of Louisville Hospital last night after passing out at his home in Indiana. He is extremely anemic and has cancer which is still being identified. We can do this!!!!! Love and thank-you! Leicalady-Dana

Happy Birthday Leicalady!

Leicalady, the blog, that is celebrated her birthday in Chicago. It all began one year ago when Peyton set off for his National Youth Forum in Phoenix for TEN DAYS. To survive without mi Hijo menor…..I thought better of traipsing around the countryside with gas upwards of  four bucks a gallon. My time was cheapContinue reading “Happy Birthday Leicalady!”

Shave and a Haircut two Bits!

I’m not sure what the haircuts cost, we bought some hair gel and setting spray, too, but Jennifer did a great job on Christopher’s hair, so we got an appointment for Peyton and Tom, too. If you are in the Chicago area and in need of a hair cut, you will love Jennifer’s Hair StudioContinue reading “Shave and a Haircut two Bits!”