Trip to Gruene







Door County is the Place to be

We have been hearing about Door County for a while now. The beauty of the surroundings are magnificent.We are here to celebrate the engagement of Christopher and Annie.Of course we have taken a million pictures……..

the look of love

So much to be thankful for…..

Lost in Austin

I would, if I could get lost, so that the trip would last longer… long as Christopher, Annie and Tom were there. Mother’s day week-end was a memorable occasion. Truthfully, I could have been anywhere, and in this company, I would not care….. The two superstars of Chicago would not let anything less than perfection happen…..We stayed in a gorgeous hotel with a great place to run, a beautiful pool and a swim up bar….well, kind of. Christopher introduced us to Congress Ave. “I know this town” He said. It was hard to believe that we were still in Texas. The trip was perfect. We can’t wait to do it again, but next time with Peyton, Bekah, Debby and Bruce included!


300 mm man

The holidays have lasted a long time……..Peyton was here for five weeks!!!!! (Thank you Annie Sturgis for this wonderful photo!)Christopher has been here since Christmas Eve!!!!He has been working hard. We are so proud of him and the way that he represents Groupon.  We had several days of  t-shirt weather, butit’s cold here in San Antonio and it’s time for him to go take care of his snow princess in Chicago…..

The Kids

Annie, Christopher and Peyton

This was Thursday night. I love Annie in this hat that we found at Ruffled Feathers in Floresville.

pretty adorable.......

Tonight is our last night with Peyton. I am excited for him to be making his dreams come true. As much as we miss him, we would not change his mind, if we could……


He amazed us with his juggling skills and a big surprise was his graphic art talent!

what's on the easel

I have several paintings that I am working on and a wonderful Birds In Art book that I am saving for tomorrow!

Go fish

This week-end will remain one of my most precious memories. One of the things that I always consider in good times and in bad is that I should never forget to appreciate and cherish the people that I love. When you miss someone the ache is almost unbearable at times. When you love someone so much that it hurts, there are no words to express the bittersweet intensity of life’s treasures. This week-end brought Tom, Christopher, Annie and I together for a wonderful week-end at the beach. It was supposed to rain. We bought cards. It was sunny and beautiful. We loved having Sky, our biggest baby with us. I still can’t believe that we have her.


Moye could given her a home like heaven, just like she has for all her other dogs, but she knew that Sky would love being at the ranch herding the sheep and goats and just being a ranch dog. It doesn’t matter where you are and whether there are storms or sunshine when you know that someone loves you, that’s all you need. Deep in my heart is the prayer that the people who are coping with transitions and losses will be lifted up. Daddy Bub would have loved all the cameras clicking this week-end!