Is That You, Koduck?

Our first ducklings were growing up, they were flying around the ranch and staying gone longer and longer. I was really missing the days when they depended on me for fresh water in their wading pool and the scoops of feed they would get every day. They were about five months old and fully matureContinue reading “Is That You, Koduck?”

Ducks Unlimited

watercolor painting Mallards Flying Hey Mom. Look at us! She must be so proud. Three boys and a girl! Mama duck does it all by herself. All we can do is paint their picture and laugh at them when they take their first few summersaults trying to land for the first time. We love itContinue reading “Ducks Unlimited”

Mallard Hen with Ducklings (painting progress)

These ducklings left the nest long before I finished the painting. Is it finished? I’m not sure. I may add another twig or feather. As long as it stays on my easel I can continue to enjoy the painting  process and admire the look in the mother hen’s eye while her babies are still safeContinue reading “Mallard Hen with Ducklings (painting progress)”

Eastman Koduck

    My Leica collection of paperweights used to be my tools of the trade along with my Hasselblad and my Linhof 4X5 view camera. Back in the day, Ansel Adams was my Guru, like Andrew and Jamie Wyeth are today. I still have my darkroom ready and waiting to take my children and their childrenContinue reading “Eastman Koduck”

Feathering My Nest

Too much time spent blogging the last few days……not enough time painting.I have added more Mesquite branches and feathers to this painting since I posted it last time. I hoping that the feathers look like feathers and the twigs look like twigs and not turds. I see enough of those around, thanks to Spooky, ourContinue reading “Feathering My Nest”