Super Dog

I found this little dog on the road when I was running……he had a bad accident…..lost two legs. Reminds me of a little Pomeranian I know who has been hopping on three legs for over a week…

This guy lost two legs, but he can fly!!!!!! “I am going to Wisconsin for a wedding” He would say if toy two legged dogs could talk!


People Who Look Like Their Pets

I have seen people who resemble their dogs and this is funny and cute. Since I have so many different pets, I have been starting to recognize familiar characteristics when I look in the mirror. It is very noticeable in a full length mirror.

I tend to waddle away quickly and pretend that I am in a fun house……It IS a fun house because of my family and the pets who are part of it

These developing similarities are cute on them, but not especially on me……even Eddie is called Fast Eddie because he moves faster than me most of the time.

If I had to trade my turtle neck and pot belly for the pleasure of these animals….I would not!  If I forget to shave, just don’t start calling me Spooky….or Stoopy!!!!!

Walk in the Park


I have a great love of ducks, well all birds, really. I walked across the street yesterday to see if I could see some ducklings. Image

The tree ducks seem to do well with their babies.Image

Those little guys can climb like monkeys when they are first born….Image

I only saw a few Mallard ducklings. It started to rain, but I was having a great time…..Image

The Egrets have a tree at the park that they call home. They were beautiful to watch. I was ready to head home when I saw a little fledgling struggling to swim in the water below the tree. Image

He floundered around helplessly, and then dropped his little head down into the water and gave up. He was way to far down for me to reach. I was looking around for some branches to toss down to him when an angel carrying a net with a long pole appeared. No joke. In a flash, she bent down and scooped the little guy up.Image

I think he is in good hands……..




Parish Galleries

Yesterday, I had just sat down after taking the dogs for a walk and they started barking their heads off. This sometimes means nothing, but in this case someone was at the back door. Peyton jumped up and looked at me like I was expecting someone. I wasn’t. Our neighbor Linda hurried through the door in freak out mode. “What are we going to do? How can we get out of here? Have you seen the road?” Yeah,there were some pretty major pot holes, not unusual after six inches of torrential downpour, the previous night, but…..”Look!!!!” She pointed out towards the front pasture. I could see water that had not been there 30 minutes before. We jumped in the truck and soon realized the worst had happened.Water was gushing from the huge tank on the property next door. Erosion had caused the dam to dissolve, just like Tom had…

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What’s New?


Night Night our mini goat has an unusual way to absorb the news. Image

I have found out that I have to be careful to keep important papers out of her reach!Image

I have been missing some very important papers lately and I am sure we will have some interesting fertilizer soon!


July Birthdays

We had a BIG group of birthdays to celebrate on Sunday!Image



Caitlin and Luke both have birthdays in July.


I made cards for everyone, except Luke. We just found out it was his birthday on Sunday.Image


Tom did a wonderful job as the grill master!Image

Shana’s fiance Adam is a good sport. We were teasing him about changing his last name.Image

Adam loves golf. This is his birthday card.Image

Tracy loves his canvas wrapped portrait of Patch and she loves him.ImageImage

Another birthday boy. My brother, BV.ImageImageImage

There was plenty of ice cream cake for everyone!