Deep in The Heart of Texas

Yee  haw!!! When Christopher went off in search of the perfect brisket burrito, we knew it was right here in Fairview, Texas the whole time. I tried to understand how he could leave the Rockin’ P sunsets and the amenities that go along with it. Tom knew this all along and I love him forContinue reading “Deep in The Heart of Texas”

Peggy’s Secret Garden

I had no idea what to expect. I thought it might be dark and a little scary. With the recent storm, how could it be anything but a barren wasteland. I wanted to avoid such a place at all costs. It is far away from here. I hate flying for one thing, so for sureContinue reading “Peggy’s Secret Garden”

Mira La Misma Luna

Disculpa me, por favor….. pero…..My Spanish is a work in progress but mi esposo y yo comunicate con nada problemos and as he says so many times to the customers that speak Spanish at our photo  lab…”No te preocupas por que yo soy hombre muy sincero”This post will make no sense to anyone but usContinue reading “Mira La Misma Luna”

You’re Nobunny ‘Til Somebunny Loves You

A giant rabbit danced with me at our wedding. (Actually a man in a bunny suit) Bunnies had always been a cuddly pet of mine, while we lived in the city. Living on a ranch for the last 12 years, I had almost given up on having anything as a pet that slightly resembles CoyoteContinue reading “You’re Nobunny ‘Til Somebunny Loves You”

Body Talk

      Horses just KNOW. The ears are a good indicator and an early warning signal to their buddies and enemies. My alpha mare may have delicate little Arabian ears, but she knows how to use them. My herd of ten thrive in their established pecking order. The head honcho always has the advantageContinue reading “Body Talk”

I’m Too Spooky For Myself

Spooky loves the attention. She is the smallest and easiest to carry around. She never has to walk anywhere…   Sleep tight, don’t let the bugs bite. Or better yet….let’s just watch movies all night !!!!!!!   Let’s watch Lassie again. Shrek is much too scary for me!   I don’t like thunder or loudContinue reading “I’m Too Spooky For Myself”