What Are We Going To Do Today?

The possibilities are boundless….”Let’s not tempt me to spend any money” Christopher and I both spoke in unison. Regardless, his choice was to head into San Antonio with time on our hands and amazing CANON digital equipment to accent his gifted and talented genes ……let's go take picturesthanks to Grandmother on my side  and Daddy Bub!!!! Grandson of the master George W. Parish“What do you think, Mom?” Christopher asked. “Where should we go?” GQWe both settled on the newly renovated Pearl Brewery and he shot images that will surely be incredible, while all I could do was focus on the awesomeness of the incredible gene pool that created this beautiful son…


Snowboarding In San Antonio

 This was back in 1985. A record snowfall of 13.5 inches was recorded. Many parts of South central Texas were shut down from January 11th through the 13th. Our business in downtown San Antonio was closed, and we made the best of it. We built a snow fort with our neighbors David and Susan and took Christopher sledding down the street in a laundry basket with our Sheltie, Omar. We really couldn’t go for our morning run for several days, I was getting a little anxious to run, but all we could do was trudge through the snow up to the Waitz Model Market, and freeze our feet off. Tom took hours of video of RCP playing in the snow and I edited a film with music and titles that we have watched over and over. Looking at that precious face the first time he looked out the window to see the winter wonderland gets me everytime. The music is great, but the last time I watched the video, I played the original sound and I heard my voice saying “Look here,baby, look at Mommy and then I heard that little voice say “It’s snowing”…….

Bacon Bits

Pigs are smarter and cleaner than dogs, so the article said. Some are more affectionate than cats and make great house pets. Miss Piggy is an exception to that rule. Our pig is not a hugger but she does like to be read to. I  read an article to her  about the benefits to being single and I think all she heard was…blah,blah,blah…when you are single the leftovers are all yours!!!!. That’s when I got her attention. She did fall in love once or twice. The first time she saw a potential mate, she was desperate to get his attention. She first gave herself a mud bath and skipped to the chase by attacking “him”. He had the same physique as her, barrel shaped with tiny legs, although he appeared to be napping which is her second favorite hobby next to slopping. They already  had so much in common. It was better than on-line dating, she didn’t have to rely on an out dated photo retouched and manipulated beyond recognition…..Here he was a few feet in front of her. Not one to ever be called shy she launched herself on top of him, only to have him roll away from her as fast as she could stay mounted. This courtship went on for an hour. She was in the best shape of her life. If I had thought to strap on her pig-o-meter, I know she would have run a 10K during this whirlwind romance. She had no clue that Romeo was not interested. He was shallow and plastic, like so many pigs these days. Her heart break was short lived. We shared a gallon of ice cream and then I told her that she could learn a valuable lesson from this relationship. It’s what’s inside that counts. The good news was that he held the capacity to fulfill her dreams of a life time. He eventually flipped for her and she saw what I was trying to tell her. He was as fake as a mechanical bull, but she learned that when you fall you need to get back on and ride again. She could run and she could ride, this would prove valuable for her next major crush…..

Comfort food rules…..once again

Que Bonita Pareja

While I Was Sleeping

I dreamt that I was in Colorado….. and here are the visuals from RCP and Michelle