Paint By Number

I must have a million brushes. Some are almost worn out, but I never throw ANYTHING away. You can look in my closet (if you are brave enough) and see my collection of never once worn items. Then there is my collection of pencils which include charcoal, graphite, mechanical, every shade of pastel and watercolor.Continue reading “Paint By Number”

Goodwill Hunting

The last two week-ends we have gone thrift store shopping. We started out in Southtown in down town San Antonio and last week-end had good luck at the Texas Thrift Store. Peyton found these sunglasses. There was no price tag. “That will be ninety six” the cashier informed me. Dollars or cents, I wondered. Well,Continue reading “Goodwill Hunting”

Peggy’s Secret Garden

I had no idea what to expect. I thought it might be dark and a little scary. With the recent storm, how could it be anything but a barren wasteland. I wanted to avoid such a place at all costs. It is far away from here. I hate flying for one thing, so for sureContinue reading “Peggy’s Secret Garden”

Swine Not?

Miss Piggy here….Dana  made the mistake of leaving her book in the barn and it has been  an inspiration to me. It is a bestseller written by the great singer/musician Jimmy Buffet. It is called “Swine Not?” It is about a little pig that looks a lot like me. Her owners move into a hotelContinue reading “Swine Not?”

Debajo de Mismo Luna

I never fully understood what the true meaning of this sentence in Spanish was until I was separated from my family for too long of a period to be able to cope with it. We lost our precious brother, Russell  and are grieving still….but we are all under the same moon and that gives meContinue reading “Debajo de Mismo Luna”

Dream Green – Lollapalooza 2009

Surely the music is impressive, but another impressive factor I discovered is the concerted efforts by the producers of Lollapalooza to make the Festival as ecologically responsible as possible. All generators used throughout the park are run on a biodiesel mix, solar energy is used to power select site enhancements. High-efficiency lighting is used wheneverContinue reading “Dream Green – Lollapalooza 2009”