Pure as the Driven Snow

It seemed so cold yesterday, It was hard to motivate my running buddies (3 out of my four dogs) to go for our run.After seeing these photos from Batavia, Illinois, it made me want to go outside and pretend that the pastures were full of snow. That image quickly reverted into reality when I accepted the fact  that our snow would be more yellow with chocolate chips.

Apple Annie


Deep In the Heart of Texas

how do you heal a broken heart

In Spanish you would say…..el fondo de mi corazon, deep in my heart, something is missing. That’s OK though, because the missing link is staying warm with the heart of a beautiful family in Illinois. Peace out.

Merry Christmas!!!!

We had such a great day yesterday! We were a little worried about Christopher being able to leave Chicago due to the weather, although for the first time since he has lived away from home I would have been happy to know that if he had to be snowed in anywhere, he would be safe, happy and having a blast with the wonderful Sturgis family. There are no words to describe how it feels, though to see him walking towards  me at the airport every time he comes home. This time he had a little package with him with a little face peering out at me…….I could not believe how adorable it was!!!! A little owl!!! To make it even more special the little feathered friend had a Rockin’ P ornament around his neck. He is a gift from Annie and her parents, Debby and Bruce. How sweet!!!!! I fell in love with owls about four years ago when we had a benefit for Last Chance Forever a Rapter Rescue. Here he is already a part of the family. He watched the SMU/Nevada game last night. IThe dogs are a little jealous. It’s fun to have a nocturnal buddy, since I am not usually a night owl. He brought good luck to the Mustangs! They won 45 to 10 !!!!!!

We are headed to Grandmother’s house, but our little owl is home sleeping and waiting for us to come home…….

What Did You Do Today?

Well, I got up early as usual, thanks to the hungry hungry hippos dogs jumping on me wanting their breakfast. That’s bad…..no that’s good, I needed to get an early start with a trip to the feed store and post office in Floresville and then shopping in San Antonio. There were my truck keys right where I left them. That’s good! No, that’s bad! They were locked inside the truck. That’s bad……No that’s good because I got all my wrapping done and all the animals were thrilled to have me home! I wonder which one of them locked the truck?????

Happy Day!!!!!

Miss Piggy was up bright and early and starving with her usual healthy appetite. She had homemade pancakes, cranberry bread and some hog feed to balance it out.  A few oatmeal cookies for dessert…..She was cheerful and like a new pig after yesterday’s damp chilly weather really got her down. I remade her bed with fresh hay and fluffed her pillows before she settled down for a five hour nap.

hiting the hay

The sun is finally out after a week of foggy sloppy weather. She loves it and so do I! Swine not?

sweet dreams

Needle In A Haystack

Almost had to poke poor little Miss Piggy today. I talked to a couple of Veterinarians and some pot bellied pig breeders and thought that she might need a penicillin shot, just in case she had pneumonia or something. She was shivering and trying to make a warm bed out of wet leaves. She was being hassled by Francie, my 27 year old mare, as I tucked a waterproof blanket and down comforter around her. Francie wants to be the only one with a pretty blanket on and she was jealous. It got worse when Tom and I piled a bale of hay around poor Miss Piggy. Francie was teasing her and eating the hay while Bridgette the boar goat tried climbing on top of the hay bale/blanket pile with our Piggy squealing beneath the mountain. Both Francie and Bridgette are in time out in a fenced corral away from her while our piglet gets some much needed rest. Tomorrow is predicted to be warmer. Meanwhile the 18 gauge needle loaded with antibiotic is waiting…..These winters are going to get hard on our older barnyard buddies. Luckily we will have a spare bedroom soon. Hope our human guests don’t mind sleeping in the barn….or a bed of straw. LOLsnug love bug

We keep checking on her but so far she is as snug as a bug in a rug……Peace out.