Pure as the Driven Snow

It seemed so cold yesterday, It was hard to motivate my running buddies (3 out of my four dogs) to go for our run.After seeing these photos from Batavia, Illinois, it made me want to go outside and pretend that the pastures were full of snow. That image quickly reverted into reality when I acceptedContinue reading “Pure as the Driven Snow”

Happy Day!!!!!

Miss Piggy was up bright and early and starving with her usual healthy appetite. She had homemade pancakes, cranberry bread and some hog feed to balance it out.  A few oatmeal cookies for dessert…..She was cheerful and like a new pig after yesterday’s damp chilly weather really got her down. I remade her bed withContinue reading “Happy Day!!!!!”

Needle In A Haystack

Almost had to poke poor little Miss Piggy today. I talked to a couple of Veterinarians and some pot bellied pig breeders and thought that she might need a penicillin shot, just in case she had pneumonia or something. She was shivering and trying to make a warm bed out of wet leaves. She wasContinue reading “Needle In A Haystack”