WOW!!!! What a fun day!!!!!!!

        We drove to Karnes City to see the famous Kimble Longhorn Cattle and we were not disappointed with the awesomeness of all of them. Dr. Janis Kimble gave us a wonderful tour of their beautiful ranch and these guys literally ate out of our hands. WOW was just as impressive asContinue reading “WOW!!!! What a fun day!!!!!!!”

Happy Halloween

  How Embarrassing…… We had a great party…….My brother dressed as a skunk and I was a Labrador eaten by a chicken……..There was a devil dog, a Doctor McNinja and his sexy sailor nurse, two Emt’s, a Greek freak, Osama Obama YoMama and others…… It is a wild and crazy party going on until Halloween….checkContinue reading “Happy Halloween”

Great Places To Eat In San Antonio

  Whether you are starving and you want a huge hamburger or just a salad, it is always great! We often just stop by for an after dinner Kahlua and coffee….this says a lot, since we have a 35 mile commute to get there….worth the trip, every time. Such a great place!!!! Family friendly… TheContinue reading “Great Places To Eat In San Antonio”

My Big Fat Greek Week-End

These dancers were so beautiful. The little children were all adorable and well behaved. There was not a brat in the whole crowd. We had fun taking pictures of all the great dancing and precious little kids. Later everyone was invited to come up on the stage and give it a try. It looked likeContinue reading “My Big Fat Greek Week-End”

2008 Floresville Peanut Festival Photos

                  All the animals were pretty laid back during this year’s parade. We took over 500 photos during the 2 hour parade and the festival on Saturday. I will add more photos soon. The floats were very creative and colorful! Held the second full week-end in October,Continue reading “2008 Floresville Peanut Festival Photos”

Fancy Seeing You Here !!!!

  Good news, bad news……the good news is that I saw my Longhorn  buddies Bingo and Tator Tot at the P-Nut festival in Floresville. These little angels shared my snow cone and gave me an awesome ride down to the courthouse to see the giant peanut. The bad news is that Bingo is for saleContinue reading “Fancy Seeing You Here !!!!”