Chubby Little Guy

20140407-182954.jpgjust started this painting today. Might trim him tummy a little…


Bluebonnet Blues and Sunflowers too many….

IMG_0326This week-end has quenched my thirst for art. Being in the city versus the ranch has made it a challenge to devote time to painting. I find it tempting to visit places that were too distant for the last 18 years. Yesterday we were able to check out the works of Porfirio Salinas at the Witte Museum.IMG_0308There are about 30 of his landscapes on exhibit at the new Texas Heritage Museum. It was amazing to see these oil paintings in a wonderful setting and be able to get inches away to absorb the textures and hues of his work. He sold his first painting when he was in the 3rd grade to his art teacher. Another fact I discovered was that another artist paid Porfirio $5.00 per canvas to paint his bluebonnets for him….if this is true, I can totally relate. IMG_0327This painting of our Longhorn Mesquite Joe was much easier to paint than the one of him with all the sunflowers in the background. The tiny ones at the top are almost done, but will I ever finish them ? I would much rather paint another Cactus Jack sans the wildflowers!!!il_570xN.273353728A big fat stick of pastel and I am done…..

The Artist’s Way

Purple Rain

The first two days that my back goes out on me. I can’t run. I am asking What? Why? What did I do that was so hard. I have kept a journal of my running and this includes major events or just what I had for dinner the night before. I looked back in my notes, a few years…since I could not run, hardly walk or do the normal things that I love, like cleaning the house. The physical trauma that causes the injury, is always second to the emotional blow that has occurred.In this case, it was losing my 30 year old horse. Maybe if I could predict the outcome, I could prevent it. I will have to work on that….Looking on the bright side, I always realize how much I love to read, when it is hard to do anything else. Too bad I have to glean this information on such painful terms. After a few days, I settle into the routine of the couch potato.  I am reading a book by Stephen Covey. It is a perfect compliment to the book I just finished….The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. Neither of these books  will ever be finished or put on the shelf. I will refer back to them and share them. The Artist’s way is a twelve week course. The course is designed to unblock creativity….One of the exercises is called morning pages. Writing three pages every morning has been so much fun. It is fun because it is designed to be. I don’t edit, delete and I don’t include any bad words, in case a child would find it. It is not a novel. It is dull. The book, however, and the practices that it brings into play are anything but dull.  Another  exercise is called Artist’s Date. This can be a trip to an art gallery, taking a workshop or anything, even a movie by yourself. Ideally by yourself. This book is for anyone, not just artist’s, but all walks of life. I had this book for over a year until I took the time to read it. I will continue to practice everything that has been introduced in this treasure of a book. You will be in for many wonderful discoveries about your inner artist that will have you dancing, singing, painting or writing or just noticing ordinary things through a new lens….Don’t waste another day! Check out         The Artist’s Way !!!!!

So Beautiful or So What

so beautiful

In the words of Paul Simon

You know life is what we make it

So beautiful or so what

I’m gonna tell my kids a bedtime story

A play without a plot

Will it have a happy ending?

Maybe yeah, maybe not

I tell them life is what you make of it

So beautiful or so what

Soooooooo beautiful

Some people are like flowers, they are sooooo beautiful.  There is a lot of so what and so awful in the world, but I will never be inspired by that.


primavera acrylic on canvas

How’s your horsey coming along?” My abstract expressionist teacher/slash comedian was making fun of me…..When I started working on a blank canvas in full view of some of the most talented artists in Texas and a master instructor I might add…I was intimidated. It’s funny how after about fifteen hours of laughing at each other and sharing techniques, books and attitudes….nothing matters, but the sheer pleasure of color, more books and the love of creating……Hey teach….here’s my horsey with lots of color and more to come….

Longhorn Cattle Drive

It was hard to know where to stand to get the best view of the San Antonio Longhorn cattle drive this year. This was our first time to go and we were excited to get some photos. We could not decide on which lens to use. We found a great spot for next year, but it will remain our secret…until then, this is my interpretation of what I saw.

acrylic on paper


CR 112

Taking a break, for a change of pace from my favored feathered and furry subjects to paint, I have been recording some of the interesting mini disasters that have occurred out here in the peaceful solitude of the country. The worst fire consumed 0ver 700 acres and we have had our share of floods since the big one in 1998.  My attempt to illustrate fire and flood looked like a Thomas Kinkaid gone bad, really bad. I painted over the saucy waves of gold and the tender pink clouds, to come up with two paintings that I am happy with.

another day in paradise

Abstract Art by Dana Spring Parish

purple rain

Yesterday was a day devoted to art. Art class, art books at the half price bookstore and a visit to San Antonio’s most inspiring art gallery. I just finished my second painting of a series of impressionistic landscapes in acrylic paint. It is a great feeling to have fun with a medium that has been challenging in the past. I see trees in my future…..