With a little bit of Luck

Why do people say that you have a hard outer shell? Shells are not always hard. A tortoise or turtle shell is made of the same substance as our fingernails and horses hooves. Nutrition plays a vital part in the health and strength. Too much protein is almost always the culprit.  You can look at them and see the degree of health. One of our mini horses has trouble with his hooves….I have raised  Mini Mac since he was a baby and never has he had a problem with his hooves until recently.

Eddie in his winter man cave

Fast Eddie our African Sulcata Tortoise is 25 years old….mas o menos… He already had a perfect shell when we got him. Of-course I will feel like I did something wrong if ever he got sick…..I read about all the nutrition and supplement advice , I light candles, I do a little dance and pray. If you talk to 15 different horse owners, you will get 20 different answers, but if you have an African Sulcata Tortoise, you can just read  about care at  the Sulcata Station and they have the answers……


Out Of Africa

Our African Sulcata Tortoise was estivating last week, which is what they do in winter……but we had 3 inches of rain and the ground was already saturated, so he was underwater and seemingly oblivious to it. The easiest way to move this 80 pound  bombshell is to load him up in a wheel barrow.The last time his pasture was icy, I brought him into the house along with his igloo where he closed his eyes and covered his face with his front feet. This was great until Tom came home. I felt like I should tell him that Fast Eddie was in the house, so he didn’t trip over him during the night. He just shook his head and so Eddie was moved to the garage with a space heater and lots of fresh hay on the floor. Our tortoise adviser Bruce Deuley gave us good tips about keeping him healthy and warned us not to let him get too cold and especially not cold and wet. During the spring and summer, Eddie grazes on coastal Bermuda grass and we give him treats of bell peppers, romaine lettuce, field greens and cucumbers. The web-site Sulcata Station has great advice about caring for tortoises. Spinach impedes the absorption of calcium and can cause deformities of their shell, so this should never be fed. Iceberg lettuce holds no nutritional value and tomatoes are too acidic. Click here to read more about the care and feeding of the African Sulcata Tortoise.

American Kestral Pan Pastel Painting

We see these Falcons hovering over our pastures and diving down at awesome speeds, doing flips and dives attacking their prey. They are flashy and beautiful and fun to watch. I am working on this pan pastel painting to add to a series of Falcon paintings that will be part of a fund raiser for Last Chance Forever a rescue operation for all birds of prey…To purchase this painting or any other paintings please click here: leicalady.etsy.com Thank-you!

Mexican Eagles

We have lots of these birds around the ranch, but these two we call Chilly and Willy have been coming back for the last two years and raising their young in a nearby nest. We supplement their food supply in exchange for the pleasure of watching them soar and show off for us.

Body Talk


What did you say?

What did you say?



Horses just KNOW. The ears are a good indicator and an early warning signal to their buddies and enemies. My alpha mare may have delicate little Arabian ears, but she knows how to use them. My herd of ten thrive in their established pecking order. The head honcho always has the advantage in a pasture situation at feeding time. He/she will be first in line at the trough and last to leave. They earn that right by being the sharpest tools in the shed. My small 15 year old Welsh Mountain pony gelding is about as even as can be with my 27 year old  15 hand Arabian mare. They have a 100 acre pasture to establish their hierarchy and the others respect their space. In the horse world, at least the one that I observe 24/7, their are no miscommunications. There are no conversations like “Well, it’s probably the bridle that makes your nose look so big” or ” Sarita said that your mane looks like a smurf with a mohawk”. It’s just cut and dried with them. It’s basic survival skills with these guys. My food, my Mom, my barn and your poop smells. The sad part is that our own signals can upset a perfectly balanced herd environment. Whether or not they are kept in a 10×10 foot stall or blessed to be in horse heaven in a lush pasture, just seeing the way you carry the bucket as you sling the feed at them or maybe give a little jab with the pitch pork as you shovel the hay into the manger. They see it in your eyes and they know that you love them ….or you don’t. I have dear friends that are leaving their cherished pets behind and grieving before they say good bye, then there are those who dump them with others to care for them because they would rather not deal with them. It is not enough to have food and water, they need to know that they are loved by you. We have taught them to depend on us. Horses are just as aware of love and hate as a purring kitten or a cuddly puppy. To be continued…….

Crazy Sexy Baby Face


Crazy Sexy Baby Face

Crazy Sexy Baby Face

Beautiful grand daughter of Liddle Duke Of Hazzard……she has his crazy sexy face and solid perfect body with a feminine aura about her. we can’t wait for our first show along side Grand Dad….look out Pony World.

Escape To The Beach

This is my interpretation of the way the Pelicans must feel during a major hurricane. We love going to Rockport and Port Aransas and of-course I fall in love with all the birds.

watercolor painting

watercolor painting

Daddy’s Little Helper

He might really be trying to taste Tom’s straw hat, but after living with this pony boy for the last 12years, we know that he is always more than willing to hand you a hammer or help you pull weeds, if need be. He is multi-talented and smart as a whip. Life would not be nearly as interesting without this equine treasure in our lives.