Meanwhile back at the Ranch

Our evening routine is simple yet effective for keeping all the pasture ornaments fat and happy!All it takes to produce glee is to open a gate and let the ponies explore and sample…well actually devour the fresh grass that has been growing in their absence.  They will fly around the pasture for about five minutes and then start begging for carrots.Hugs are welcome, too!It is very satisfying to have a small herd who are lovable, sensible and steady.It is heaven to be surrounded by such precious animals, but I do miss the ones who are really in heaven.


Snow day in San Antonio

The barn is open for the Longhorns, all two of them, to go into the stalls, but this morning they decided to take a break chilling in their bed of hay that they made for themselves.Notice those eyes that are glued on me. They see me through the windows in the house, the minute that I wake up in the morning. If it is dark outside, I can’t see them, but I know they are there waiting for breakfast!

Lean On Me

Our niece, Anna asked me to do a painting of a Barn Owl for her room in her new house. I became inspired to grant her wish when I read Wesley The Owl by Stacey O”Brien. This is a book that I will always own and cherish. I gave my first copy to Annie and I will buy another to keep. It is that good. My husband Tom should really appreciate the fact that after reading about how heavenly, yet horrific it can be to raise an owl, I am not going to adopt one anytime soon. A friend just generously offered to allow me to help raise an orphaned Screech owl. Isn’t there enough screeching in this house already? Another well meaning friend has recently reminded me how much I would love an Alpaca. This is so tempting but after last week, I think I will wait til next year’s new crop. If an owlet appears on my doorstep, I think I might be in heaven, though. Just sayin’

My Rockport Pelicans

Some birds talk. If these Pelicans could talk they might be saying something like “Sweetheart have you heard from our cousins in Florida?” “Yes, Sweetbeak, it’s sad, and my Uncle in Louisiana has lost his entire flock.” “Baby, are we safe?” I can’t even guess what the answer to that question could be. I just watched a video about the sea turtles that are being burned in the nets, even though there are rescue crews ready to help. The rescuers have been turned away. My African Tortoise is lucky to be in a healthy environment here in Texas, but sometimes it is all I can do to keep him high and dry when the pastures flood.  taking on the responsibility of any animal as a pet is enough to handle for most people. It is for me. I would love to wave a magic wand to save the planet, but seeing all the horrific events that have transpired with the oil spill, I know that I can only take care of the many helpless little creatures that we have here. We will protect them, nurture them  and care for them and if anyone trys to harm them, we will seriously kick some butt !!!!!

Rainy Days and Sundays

Hey people, my name is Sky. I’ve been cooped up all week because of the rain here in Tejas. When I do go outside I track in loads of sand and oak pollen. I hear it is sunny in Chicago. I am really in the mood for some good Chicago pizza and maybe a hotdog. When I’m not feeling sorry for myself, I do have quite a nice life on the ranch…..if you are bored like me, read about it HERE.

No Pets…….No Smoking……..

“I think you should buy a different kind of cat food because there is always vomit whenever I go upstairs” Peyton advised as we were in the pet food isle of the grocery store yesterday. I have been  meaning to warn him about that. It is especially yucky at night when you get in bed. I asked him what kind of dog he would like to own when he had his own place. “Well if I had to have a dog, it would be one that is the least amount of trouble.” he answered.He has video games where there are horses involved, but he has not been on a real live horse since he was about six. He always asks me if I need any help with the outside pets and is very sweet to all of the animals. He can sleep through a screeching parrot, a crowing rooster, horses whinnying and ear piercing barks from a Pomeranian. If he has a loud college room mate, it should be no problem. He will always have a home free of pet fur and and a life free of vet bills. My Mom always says that her three children don’t smoke because she always has and we should thank her……Thanks Mom and you are welcome, Peyton!

Happy Day!!!!!

Miss Piggy was up bright and early and starving with her usual healthy appetite. She had homemade pancakes, cranberry bread and some hog feed to balance it out.  A few oatmeal cookies for dessert…..She was cheerful and like a new pig after yesterday’s damp chilly weather really got her down. I remade her bed with fresh hay and fluffed her pillows before she settled down for a five hour nap.

hiting the hay

The sun is finally out after a week of foggy sloppy weather. She loves it and so do I! Swine not?

sweet dreams

I Need A Pet

Like a goat who doesn’t bang their horns on the bedroom door at 2am. A barkless Pomeranian, or any dog who doesn’t bark unless my life is in danger. A pet who doesn’t shed their weight in fur everyday. A cat who can go one hour without crying for food, an outside cat. It’s 3am and I can sleep through all these routine annoyances, but Tom just had an animal jump on his face and for some reason, he woke up. He’s asleep with the door closed, I just hope whatever jumped on him is not still in the room. I can’t take another scream at this point…..just saying

Working Dog

You Mom’s know how it is when you are sick……you can’t just go to bed and let the kid’s starve and go wild…..It’s extra complicated when you have a “Princess” that has special requirements and expectations….SOOOOO it’s great when you have dependable help to ease the stress until you are 100%. Take care Tina and Dena!  Little Yeller and Bexar will help out and Grandmother will reward them soon!

walking the Princess

walking the Princess

The Awesome Aussie and the Persistent Pom


Hello, Gorgeous!!!!!

Hello, Gorgeous!!!!!

We owe the wonderful blessing of owning this awesome Australian Shepherd to our sister, Moye and I just found out a LOT about the Pomeranian breed in a great magazine that Moye gave us. It reads that the Pomeranian breed was originally bred as a sled dog and they weighed 30 pounds and up. Well, Okie our little 10 pound Pomeranian  is not hindered by his bred down mini size. He knows when the alarm goes off in the form of a sharp, ear piercing bark that there is a sheep or goat in the yard. It is such a game for this one particular little pygmy goat…..she LOVES teasing them and they actually play together until Sky and Okie team up and decide that the game is over…..The goat has gotta go!!!!!!


Team work!!!!

Team work!!!!



Alright, I am little hoof biter

Alright, I am little hoof biter


Okie the Wonder Dog!!!!!

Okie the Wonder Dog!!!!!