Nut Case #1

a long, long time ago…

La Vida Con Locas

Our house growing up was always a fun place for people to hang out. My Mom made it so warm and inviting with great food always available and freedom to be yourself. Unfortunately, a few creeps filtered into the Norman Rockwell painting and as any young girl can imagine, it was hard to have any privacy when certain guests didn’t seem to get the hint that it was time to leave. One night, my friend Debbie and I were sitting in our front room and freaked out to see a flattened face appear high above the drapes in the big picture window. I blinked and it was gone, but we both had seen it and dashed into the back room hugging each other and stifling our screams. We had an idea who the unwelcome lurker was. A creep had exceeded the creep factor scale and had been banned from our…

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Live and Let Die

an old friend…a new life

70 Something

When my wife kicked me out this is what I thought. Apparently,  she wanted to live and was willing to let me die to enable her to do it. For the first three months, I thought I would  die and for the next year, I figured out I would probably live…..but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to. The New Year has brought many new changes in my life. I hardly look in the mirror except to shave and shoot the bird at my reflection, so I didn’t realize the physical changes until yesterday when I was walking my pups, Sammy and Emmie down the road……I felt light on my feet and started to jog, they were happily trotting beside me until a white pick up truck came to a screeching halt in front of us. I started to give the driver my favorite hand gesture, but before I could…

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