Macaroni Visits The Ranch

Already a Princess, this Basset Houndress had a great time with her big Lab brothers Bear and Lil Yellow. She had a hayride and had a visit with Miss Piggy who  was insulted to be called “livestock” but I guess that’s better than bacon! We had fajitas for dinner and then everybody had a nap.Continue reading “Macaroni Visits The Ranch”

Piggy, Piggy, Piggy!

  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but cuteness is everywhere, whether it’s “She’s so ugly that she is cute or “Cute as a bug” I know that Miss Piggy needs a pedicure and maybe some braces, but she is the sweetest, daintiest eater that we have. The goats and sheep butt eachContinue reading “Piggy, Piggy, Piggy!”

Herding Dog Competition

These dogs were great fun to watch. It was amazing how they led these sheep through the difficult patterns and into the pen. Mostly Border Collies and Australian Kelpies were competing while we were there. We couldn’t wait to come home to watch our own Australian Shepherd Princess play with her new babies! Priceless…..  Continue reading “Herding Dog Competition”

What Ya Been Doin?

Our dogs four little faces greeted Tom, Peyton and I when we got back  from the Stock Show on Sunday. “Why were you gone soooo long, where were you and what did you do?” They all started sniffing my pants and didn’t hear me say  oh, nothing……Smells don’t lie and these nosey guys figured outContinue reading “What Ya Been Doin?”

South Texas Longhorn Association Show-February 7, 2009

I read about the Kimble Cattle Company in an article on the internet and when I talked to Dr. Joyce and Dr. Janice on the phone…..I was hooked by the horns! I knew that Tom and I would own Longhorns from this beautiful, loving family. We were able to see McKenna Kimble at the showContinue reading “South Texas Longhorn Association Show-February 7, 2009”