Happy Day!!!!!

Miss Piggy was up bright and early and starving with her usual healthy appetite. She had homemade pancakes, cranberry bread and some hog feed to balance it out.  A few oatmeal cookies for dessert…..She was cheerful and like a new pig after yesterday’s damp chilly weather really got her down. I remade her bed withContinue reading “Happy Day!!!!!”

Back In The Saddle

Mourning is officially over, for everyone except Pony Boy. He usually just carts around little children and gets rewarded with buckets of carrots and sweet feed, but he was a good sport today. He even put up with lots of hugs and kisses. His bridle was dusty and needed a little polishI needed to walkContinue reading “Back In The Saddle”

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

  Any one who has pets knows how difficult it is to be away from them. I had a panic attack before we left the last time, imagining all sorts of afflictions that they would suffer, not to mention the possible trauma they would inflict upon their caretakers. The four dogs were in heaven atContinue reading “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”

How To Lose A Pig In Ten Days

Starring Will Feral…….   The plan was for us to be pig sitting for a few days, but it took longer for our friend Eddie and his family to build a pen substantial enough to secure this guy. “Bacon” became very comfortable in the barn and he had it all to himself. I turned itContinue reading “How To Lose A Pig In Ten Days”

Welcome to the Ranch

Well, the best way to welcome a stranger is by serving up a home cooked meal, but it’s too hot to cook and I suck as a cook anywaybut you can’t go wrong with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some cold french fries. This is one of Miss Piggy’s favorites, so we thoughtContinue reading “Welcome to the Ranch”

Mr. Piggy

Miss Piggy always wanted a friend, even a bucket or ball or any object that was her shape would hold her interest until it sadly rolled away. I’m sure she has forgotten that she is a pig. I was just making her yummy pancakes this morning when Eddie, one of Peyton’s best friends called. “It’sContinue reading “Mr. Piggy”

Miss Piggy

I’m not sure how old our Miss Piggy is in people years, but I think she must be a teenager around 15. She is still sweet and polite, but she is sporting a radical new hair style, a MOHAWK and I am wondering what comes next. I’ve read that even these innocent little pot-bellied pigsContinue reading “Miss Piggy”

The New Me

Tired of Blog Hogs? Me, too! I had my own blog, but I had so many comments and requests for my beauty tips that I had no time to slop and eat the flowers. Blogging is too stressful, so I will just contribute my pearls of wisdom when I can. It’s always something. A fewContinue reading “The New Me”

Saturday Night Social Club

Let’s Go!!!! Mamacita had been so excited the day we took her to meet her mate. Probably because her food was in the back seat, but anyway we had no problem getting her into her little pen and loading her up for an air-conditioned limo ride to her luna miel. Miss Piggy ran after us.Continue reading “Saturday Night Social Club”