This has been the most fun painting to work on. It is painted with oil and I feel like I finally have the feel of it and I really love it….I thought watercolor would always be my first choice, but for now I am hooked on the richness of oil…….Besides these beautiful bovines, my inspirationContinue reading “Cows”

We Just Love These Guys

  I haven’t lost a finger yet…..These Cow boys are amazing guys. Of-course horses, sheep, goats, are wonderful and our dogs, cats and pig (are) human but we are just getting to know about the cuteness of cows…..and it is really fun

Two Dumb Blondes

  NO way are these babies dumb. Blonde yes, but maybe it comes from a bottle, I admit to highlights myself……Yesterday they found a tiny little gap in the fence and had a hayday exploring the neighbor’s 800 acre ranch. THANKS for the workout involved in getting you back, turds!    (We love you, justContinue reading “Two Dumb Blondes”

Baby Blue By Dana Parish

This is an oil painting that I am working on. It is on canvas. The original is 8×10 inches. Julian Onderdonk is coming to the Witte Museum in San Antonio, September 18, 2008. Not Julian himself, but his wonderful Texas landscapes will be there and so will I. I may get arrested for drooling onContinue reading “Baby Blue By Dana Parish”

Longhorns Make Good Mamas

They are always watchful of their babies and very protective. The coyotes and other predators hardly have a chance with the way that these Mamas aggressively guard their babies. We love to see the Egrets around the cattle and they are as beneficial as they are beautiful to watch. They follow the cows and eatContinue reading “Longhorns Make Good Mamas”

B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name O……

I found a way to raise funds for our proposed ski slope endeavor. Apparently, Texas is not known for their ski rental facilities, yet, but we are known for our Longhorns. I am embarrassed to say that I paid five bucks, the price of a margarita to ride Bingo, a Longhorn who luckily was stoutContinue reading “B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name O……”

Longhorn Mama & Baby

We had our digital Canons with us as we were riding in the pastures and I think this Mama Longhorn being used to seeing us snapping away, was saying to her baby “Look Honey, they are taking our picture again. Let me wash your face so you’ll look pretty”. Now, she sees me with myContinue reading “Longhorn Mama & Baby”