Blessing of the Animals

I am very fortunate that the children who I am teaching art to love animals as much as I do. It was getting a little lonely around the ranch before we moved. Even with the animals, I just could not wait to see the boys at my school where I teach art and my girlsContinue reading “Blessing of the Animals”

Kirby The Cat

Just in case no one has ever seen this little doll, here she is. She is named after Dr. Dan Kirby, the most gifted veterinarian in the nation. She was adopted from Dr. Kirby’s office at the Alamo Heights Pet clinic several years back. She was our Daddy-Bub’s special buddy.  I’m not sure if sheContinue reading “Kirby The Cat”

Just Something Silly To Lighten Things Up A Bit

I love all animals, duh! Bugs, included, scorpions not so much, but I am more a dog and pony person rather than a cat in my face person. Tom especially could live without them, especially inside ones. But  anything that reminds us of Daddy Bub is gladly welcome in our house. In this case aContinue reading “Just Something Silly To Lighten Things Up A Bit”

Up Cat Down Cat

Why do we hear about all this up dog, down dog stuff? All they do is sleep…. WE have nine lives for a reason…WE have to put up with crazy dogs chasing us everywhere….do WE get naps, well cat naps, yes, but four hour dog naps are a luxury… wonder WE need nine lives toContinue reading “Up Cat Down Cat”

Lab Rats

“I wasn’t born at the Rockin’ P Ranch, but I got here as fast as I could!” a bedraggled little kitty seemed to say. “Me, too, me, too” followed a chorus of meowing that turned our dogs into a barking frenzy. It all started with one little white kitten with “the bluest eyes in Texas”Continue reading “Lab Rats”

Gata Salvaje

This is a painting created using pan pastels. They are great for getting detail  in clouds, and they sure beat using watercolor for the white fur. Their web-site gives details pertaining to their dealer locations as well as tips and advice for using them. They have added three of my pan pastel paintings to theirContinue reading “Gata Salvaje”