Blessing of the Animals

IMG_5791I am very fortunate that the children who I am teaching art to love animals as much as I do. It was getting a little lonely around the ranch before we moved. Even with the animals, I just could not wait to see the boys at my school where I teach art and my girls who I am teaching here at home. So blessing number one is that we now live 10 minutes from my school. Blessing number two is that my students who come to the house are traveling several miles just to share the love of art with me! True blessing!!! All my students love to share stories about their pets. We draw, paint, play art games and the animals are right here with us. One of the little girls was super worried about one of her dogs who had disappeared. He was found and we were all so happy! Another family was thrilled because their rescue dog was just cleared to come home after having to go through extensive training because of the trauma he had suffered before he found his new home.
Last Saturday, something was very wrong in this house! A very much loved part of the family was no where to be seen! IMG_7874 Kirby our kitty,is an inside cat. She loves just looking out the window. At the ranch, she was a very good mouser…we had a few cute little field mice who managed to scamper around the kitchen at night, but Kirby made sure they did not thrive for very long. So anyway, we were very worried about her and after putting up posters throughout the neighborhood, we had just about lost hope!
It was day five sans Kirby and the weather at night had been below freezing. Add that to the fact that we now live on a very busy street, it did not look good for Miss Kirby. My students on Wednesday afternoon were not a minute through the door…”Where is the cat?” they all wanted to know.I was praying that she was not scared, hurt and suffering. I wanted to KNOW that she was OK. As my last student was ready to leave, she promised to pray for Kirby. The front door had barely shut before we heard LOUD meows from the back yard! Tom opened the door and Kirby flew in and jumped up on her safe perch. She was pretty much fur and bones, but is already looking better after just a few dys.IMG_8446 She is not even interested in looking out the window. She is being cuddled and spoiled. Blessing number three is having her home safe!
Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season!!!


Kirby The Cat

Just in case no one has ever seen this little doll, here she is. She is named after Dr. Dan Kirby, the most gifted veterinarian in the nation. She was adopted from Dr. Kirby’s office at the Alamo Heights Pet clinic several years back. She was our Daddy-Bub’s special buddy.  I’m not sure if she came here spoiled but it happened almost overnight. She wakes me up about every hour during the night and is pretty demanding during the day, too. I wouldn’t change a thing about her….she lets me know I’m alive…..and I am not even a cat person. Just saying.

Hello Kitty

This weather has made all the animals act a little silly. The horses are running around and expecting extra sweet feed every time they see me. With our cats, they don’t need an excuse to pounce on us when they see us and try to trip us if we make a detour instead of filling their four bowls. They are not so willing to run around, though and would rather snuggle up on their blanket and nap all day. Yesterday Smokey our oldest little gray kitty was caught off guard, probably sleepy. Sky flew over the fence and was able to catch her. Fur was flying, but Smoky was able to escape and climb up a tree, unfortunately, she lost hold and fell hard and didn’t land on her feet as usual. PLUNK that had to hurt! Sky went after her again, but I separated them and then Smoky disappeared. I looked for her all afternoon and had no idea what damage Sky and the fall from the tree had done. Happily Smokey was here for breakfast this morning and looks no worse for wear.  Another day in paradise……

Just Something Silly To Lighten Things Up A Bit

I love all animals, duh! Bugs, included, scorpions not so much, but I am more a dog and pony person rather than a cat in my face person. Tom especially could live without them, especially inside ones. But  anything that reminds us of Daddy Bub is gladly welcome in our house. In this case a really spoiled cat named Kirby. We brought her home last December and she fit in just great, litter box and all. To keep the dogs from stealing her food, I kept her bowl on the bed side table. She would reach up to get a bite several times a night until she realized it was much easier to wake me up so that I could put the bowl on the bed beside me and give her a massage while she ate. Just fine until we went out of town for a few days. Now she has to be on the pillow next to me or on me with her bowl next to her all night. Last night, I forgot about the bowl and tipped it into my face. Luckily I was able to scoop most of it back into her bowl without even waking Tom.

Up Cat Down Cat

Why do we hear about all this up dog, down dog stuff? All they do is sleep….

up cat down cat

up cat down cat

WE have nine lives for a reason…WE have to put up with crazy dogs chasing us everywhere….do WE get naps, well cat naps, yes, but four hour dog naps are a luxury… wonder WE need nine lives to survive in this dog eat dog/cat world !!!!!

Lab Rats

“I wasn’t born at the Rockin’ P Ranch, but I got here as fast as I could!” a bedraggled little kitty seemed to say. “Me, too, me, too” followed a chorus of meowing that turned our dogs into a barking frenzy. It all started with one little white kitten with “the bluest eyes in Texas” and it snowballed from there. A family of cats have been living behind our Photo Lab in San Antonio for years including Snowball, until one cold morning, he decided to cuddle up for a warm nap under the hood of a truck. Apparently, the Lab parking lot has become a loading dock for feline hitch hikers seeking a one way  ticket to a home in the country. Snowball arrived at his destination safely followed by two others in the next few weeks. Shortly after, two little miniature goats appeared. “Tell me where they came from” Tom asked. I had no clue about the goats, I promised him. No way they could fit under the hood of my truck. I think they were passing by and decided to stay. “That’s fine” Tom said, “Whatever”….

I was glad to hear that because we have spotted a cute little family of skunks walking closer and closer to the front gate the last few mornings……

Gata Salvaje

This is a painting created using pan pastels. They are great for getting detail  in clouds, and they sure beat using watercolor for the white fur. Their web-site gives details pertaining to their dealer locations as well as tips and advice for using them. They have added three of my pan pastel paintings to their on-line gallery.Co-Madres, Snowball and my Longhorns and Bluebonnets

They also sent me a huge array of their sponges and other applicators along with a set of new colors that I had not tried. I love them!



This is a portrait of our gata salvaje, Snowball, a wild thing who hitched a ride on a fast moving truck and wound up fat and sassy at the Rockin’ P.

Our Life With Goats Part Two

Here are the answers to which crazy stories about our goats are true and which one was made up from 

Our Life With Goats:  Part One

A. True story

B.  True Story
C.  Fake story…..the cat did it.