The Breakfast Club

Their are five members and one guest member. Five canines and one feline. The rules are that they compete to wake up the chief cook and bottle washer starting at 4am. If that fails they attack the assistant staff member and beg for breakfast. They have already had snacks through the night because the feline club member has demanded breakfast in bed starting at the stroke of midnight. After a hearty meal they all go back to sleep until the next servant takes over the morning shift. The lunch bunch is pretty much the same….same faces same noise, just hungrier after barking at every leaf that blows……..The only one who is patient enough to wait til dawn is Miss Piggy.

Just wake me when lunch is ready, pretty please


Owl City

owl painting in oil on ampersand board

This painting is exactly what I remember from our owl sighting about two years ago. I was riding Sarita and Tom was on Francie. It was not quite dark, but two Barred owls were perched together right on the fence-line to our neighbor’s property. The only other time we saw two owls together was right when we first bought the Rockin’ P ranch in 1996. I have seen a few road kill of these barred owls because of their habit of flying and hunting at a low position, perfect target for cars. Sunday night we saw one perched beside the county road and Tom saw him early this morning again. Too far away and too dark, but he was really looking for him.

There you are!

I love all birds and animals, but owls are my current obsession and here is my collection……The painting above is oil on ampersand board of two eagle Owls. Some of my other paintings are listed on Etsy and you can click here to see them at

Cindy and Priscilla

Tom I I were in the emergency room with Grand Moye the other day and my sisters in law Cindy and Priscilla were there. The two nurses on duty were really nice, but super busy running into the room every five minutes because their names were Cindy and Priscilla. Kind of funny…….

I Need A Pet

Like a goat who doesn’t bang their horns on the bedroom door at 2am. A barkless Pomeranian, or any dog who doesn’t bark unless my life is in danger. A pet who doesn’t shed their weight in fur everyday. A cat who can go one hour without crying for food, an outside cat. It’s 3am and I can sleep through all these routine annoyances, but Tom just had an animal jump on his face and for some reason, he woke up. He’s asleep with the door closed, I just hope whatever jumped on him is not still in the room. I can’t take another scream at this point…..just saying

A Place In Time

Rockin' P Ranch

When our two boys are here in this house, everything is surreal. I could sit and stare at them forever and never be less amazed at the intensity of love. Tom has modified this image to add high definition and saturation and a little bit of mystery to the effect……That’s the way it feels to be a proud mother. Every emotion is magnified a billion times. “You been drinkin'” Christopher laughs at my silliness. Yep, your smile is intoxicating and I am drinkin’ it in. With a face like that you don’t need money, honey…..