Thanksgiving Birthdays

We celebrated my nephew, Taylor and sister -in- law, Sharon’s birthdays on Friday after Thanksgiving. I think it turned out great! Turkey and stuffing two days in a row!


Super Kitty

Super Duper Cute

We had hundreds of visitors this past week-end. The dogs and other animals were excited, but nothing could phase this cat. He could not care less when dogs would try to intimidate him. “I’ve seen worse” he laughed. “Coyotes and bobcats cringe at the sight of me!” He loved it when he could sneak in and  get up on the counter in the kitchen. He only ate the leftovers that we were saving for Miss Piggy and the goats.

I Know Owl About You

Flying Tiger

I can’t say how good it feels to complete a painting, even if it is just a sketch. I haven’t done anything art wise since before Peyton graduated from high school last June. Now I have several ideas for paintings. I am looking forward to next week’s event in Wilson County…….This will be my first year to participate. I have several of my paintings reproduced as cards and Giclee reproductions. Their are 17 venders involved in this year’s Once A Year holiday market. I will probably be tempted to spend more than my profits on all the beautiful things that will be for sale. That’s OK ! Click here to find out owl about my paintings!!!!