It’s Snowing!!!!!!

We have a precious video of Christopher when it snowed in San Antonio in 1985. He woke up that morning in January and looked out the window. I had put music on the movie and I had forgotten about the original sound track. When I heard his voice saying “It’s snowing” I thought that little sound could melt an iceberg…….I have some great photos that we took those fun days. I will have to look for them. In the meantime, here is my interpretation of Sir Wellington enjoying his toboggan…..He wants to be a star. I just know it !!!!!

don't eat yellow snow....

Let’s hope I can make it happen!

Wine & Art (but mostly wine)

See the itty bitty paintings on the table? No? Well me neither. See the BIG BOLD paintings on the easels! At the sixth annual Wine & Art Festival last week (January 15, 2011) I donated five paintings. Tiny by comparison….and I did not have chance to have them blessed by the Pope! I wonder if this can be done by e-mail or text message. A personal visit would add greatly to the expense, plus I would have to go to confession. I can hear it now. “Yes my dear. Now when was your last confession?” I would stammer and say that it was before my last dentist appointment….but, but…..I prayed my heart out on the plane ride to Rome! “Try to paint something more spiritual” he might advise.

holywatercolor on Arches paper

So what do I paint this week, but more animals! I can see a painting of a Saint in my future. Saint Anthony. Not because the act of reproducing a godly vision is a goodly thing to do.It is because this person was known to love the animals that he is always depicted with.

Señor Tomas with Buzzy

I know just the model for the role.

mini kisses

Saint Tomas !!!!

Hear Me Roar

oil painting of female Bengal Tiger

This rainy, cold weather makes me want to climb the walls. If I had to go out, I would wish that I could stay home, but we did actually go for a quick run. The good thing about being inside the last two days, is that I was able to finish two paintings that have been sitting on the easel…….

I AM SO HAPPY about this !!!!!!!!

worried owl

I was getting worried that I would never finish another painting…..just start new hopeless cases that are destined to embarrass me after I am gone, or my relatives, that is…….Well, at least two are finished. I just might do a little rain dance after all!


300 mm man

The holidays have lasted a long time……..Peyton was here for five weeks!!!!! (Thank you Annie Sturgis for this wonderful photo!)Christopher has been here since Christmas Eve!!!!He has been working hard. We are so proud of him and the way that he represents Groupon.  We had several days of  t-shirt weather, butit’s cold here in San Antonio and it’s time for him to go take care of his snow princess in Chicago…..

2010 in review

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Dog and Pony Show

git along little doggy

The last time Princess Macaroni came out to the ranch, we gave her a hay ride in the wheel barrow. This time, she was a good sport being herded by Pony Boy…..

Hey Macaroni, that's my name too!

Mini Macaroni gave Princess Mac a little love bite. The ponies know just how much they can get away with without being shipped off to France on a platter.

not by the hair on my chinny chin chin

Mesquite Joe is not so worried about his fate. He was walking a thin line……Cactus Jack just follows along in his hoof prints.

I walk the line

My brother BV has a great shot of Mesquite Joe on flickr as well as many awesome subjects. Click here por favor and add them to your gallery.

Miss Piggy was not interested in being sociable. Bedtime is at 4pm no matter who comes to visit! “Next time, bring a pie or cookies, then we’ll talk” she might have said……