Ozuna’s before happy hour

Such a fun day! SMU family week-end got off to a great start. We met at Ozuna’s and had beer and nachos and acted as body guards for a TCU alumni and star football player dressed in purple in the middle of a wild herd of Mustang pride!!!! He made such an impression however, that our waitress thought we were ALL TCU fans! There goes your tip, little lady….

Up Cat Down Cat

Why do we hear about all this up dog, down dog stuff? All they do is sleep….

up cat down cat

up cat down cat

WE have nine lives for a reason…WE have to put up with crazy dogs chasing us everywhere….do WE get naps, well cat naps, yes, but four hour dog naps are a luxury…..no wonder WE need nine lives to survive in this dog eat dog/cat world !!!!!