Southern Stormy Eagle 6-20-1993 10-09-2009

In 1998 I started riding every Tuesday at Wernle Stables in St. Hedwig. My friend Linda Lira reintroduced me to the Warren Beatty look a like. Marty Allen Wernle had been the trainer at Vance View Stables when I first started riding lessons at age nine. My brothers and I all took lessons there from Julius Von Uhl an insane Hungarian lion tamer. Julius took his act back to the circus, but we followed Marty from barn to barn until we sold my Anglo Arabian gelding, Riff when I was nineteen years old. That was the end of my first life with horses.  My new life with horses has been so much fun. Linda Lira had heard that Marty was a great trainer for gaited horses and she was looking for one. Her friends Pam Dorman and Connie Covington would meet to ride at least once a week, but Linda was busy as a teacher and would join us from time to time. It was always fun to see who would show up and all the beautiful horses that would come in for training. We had jumps, and some dressage letters, but most people rode Western or saddleseat. Saddlebreds have always been the chosen breed for Marty. I had never ridden a gaited horse before, I always rode hunter/jumper, but I was open for anything. The point of this background info is to explain how I came to own a gaited horse and fall in love with that horse. Not that anyone cares, but in case I forget, I can always come back to this page and say, oh yeah……now I remember. At this point, I don’t see how I could ever forget the first time I saw her face. Driving up to Marty’s barn, there was a little 14 hand, black and white horse in a pasture by herself. I needed another horse like I needed another hole in my head, but I asked about her nonetheless. “She is sold” Marty waved his finger at me. “Honey, a very nice family is picking her up next week”. I don’t remember if I felt regret or relief but next week, she was still there. “She has a problem with her hoof that we need to treat for awhile” Marti told me that she would be kept in the barn and of-course I had to drive him crazy asking a million questions about her. She also had a severe eye injury while in the pasture that required intensive veterinary care and also scared a few buyers away. There were several people interested in her and her price was way out of my price range, but I would see her every week and just hang out talking with her and leading her around like a puppy on a leash. I could tell she loved the attention and she would nicker at me when I came into the barn, even without carrots. About two months later, I asked Marty why she was still there. ” Well you just might have a chance to buy her after all” he smiled. Since so far she had been more like a puppy dog to me than a horse, I thought I should ride her. She was a registered Missouri Fox Trotter and because of her Tobiano pinto markings and gaits, she was also registered as a Spotted Saddle Horse. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine wanting a horse just for a pet, but I did not care at that point if she was fun to ride or not, I just loved her face, her color, her small compact size and her big heart that looked at me with her big brown eyes. Well that day I rode her and she moved like a dream.For the next eleven years we were a team. I wasn’t the only one that appreciated her beauty, she won every halter and under saddle class that she entered without any fancy shoes or fake tail extensions. My legs would be shaking, but she always took care of me in all kinds of fun events including mounted search and rescue training and a photo shoot for a Cowboy magazine. I never dreamed that she could jump like a deer, but she could sail with me over a fence that was almost over her head. I was head over heels crazy about her from the time I first saw her. She loved me back……

one of our great times riding the range

This is where we saw two barred owls.....

running to Mama

The first time she met Fast Eddie our giant tortoise

I hope I can outrun you!

the always inquisitive Mr Pony Boy

and the flag flys below the Eagle at half mast....



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