Make it Newsy, Baby!

I just received the sweetest letter by mail, from Peg, my sister/sister-in-law. She writes really well. Her letter made me laugh and cry and that says something. Her husband Russell, Tom’s brother passed away in August of 2009. She had a quote from him. He always told her “make it newsy, Baby!” It was a very uplifting letter….as is always true with my conversations with Peg. The main topic was the visit from our nephew Chad, his wife Angie and their two children Evan and Lindsey. A beautiful family. We will see them this Thanksgiving. We had a great visit in 2010 and really have missed them. Russell’s three children Chad, Kimberly and Tres all came out to the ranch and wherever we may be living this coming November, we will see them again. We are so happy that they want their children to know and love their Texas family!

Lindsey Parish at the helm!

Bumper boats in the pond! This looks like so much fun!!!

Look out! Here comes Evan!

Miles and Lindsey

I am so glad to have been able to witness this wonderful trip! I feel like I was there!

Evan’s favorite part “The Buggy”

Thank you, Peg, for the letter and for showing me just how strong a person can be!