Flower Girl

Sky thinks she is going to Christopher’s wedding, but she is really going to Grandmother’s house….She will have fun!


Good Bad Bug Dog

A dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do

Not all ranch work is done outside the casa….and there is no rest for the weary! Sky, our fearless Australian Shepherd has a new job. I think that she has been alerted to potential danger because she has heard my blood curdling screams…..sometimes in the middle of the night. I love all creatures (just ask my Mom)….but there are some creepy crawlies that give me the creeps! Last night, Sky looked at me and was staring at something under the table. I am surprised that she did not put her paws over her ears when she saw me looking at the scorpion that she had spotted. Thank you, Sky for being such a great watch dog!

Overworked and Underpaid

It was really quiet around here without the Top Dog running and barking. I could actually listen to some really good music without all the barking!!! Sky had gone to work at the photo lab. Her boss sent me this photo so I would not be surprised if she got laid off…..Too bad, we could really use that extra income! Maybe I should see if she could be a model…..

Just saying……

Here Comes Trouble!


Big Trouble and Little Trouble

Big Trouble and Little Trouble

They look so sweet and innocent, but these two are devils in disguise. The big one jumps over the fence like a deer and the little one digs under it. They are worth all the trouble they cause, just by being cute!

What’s happening at the Rockin’ P Ranch

 Sky and Cora are sitting on the screen porch, waiting to see Peyton when he gets home. It will be a week from today when he returns from Phoenix….seems like forever, but I talked to him when he arrived yesterday and again this morning. He has a full schedule of tours through the medical universities and hospitals this week