It was A Dark and Creepy Night….

Go Away!

Go Away!

We love it when we spot an owl. Seeing two was a special treat late one  afternoon, trail riding in a wooded area of the ranch. We always carry our cameras with us on our saddles, but these two were long gone before we had a chance to capture them. This is a big painting  in oil that I have started that reminds me of that day. If we had been lucky enough to get that shot, the depth of field would have been shallow and the image pretty much out of focus and underexposed. I will never forget the eyes, though.


Flying Egret

“What in the world is she doing in there?” The horses are looking through the window into my studio wondering why their breakfast is late……it’s not that they NEED to be fed. It’s just comfort food to compliment their gourmet pasture salad that they were bred to thrive on. A carrot or two and a scoop of sweet feed is what keeps them spoiled…..So, in the meantime I’m trying to complete at least one pastel painting a day to get ready for an art show/benefit that we are planning for our friends at Last Chance Forever the birds of prey rescue and rehabilitation center in San Antonio……

Time to go rescue my starving horses………

Portrait of a La Paloma Ranch Cow

My friend, Janie and I met at Starbuck’s yesterday. Wow, she looks great! I think she is even prettier than she was when our sons, Christopher and Mark were best friends in primary school. I had not seen her in so long, but ran into her last week when I was in San Antonio. Her schedule is so full, I was happy that we could get together. I brought my portfolio of paintings and this was her favorite. This painting is of my neighbor’s sweet little cow that always would come up to the fence to pose for me when I would drive by her pasture. I have not seen this cow in a while…….I’m glad I have this portrait to look at.
This is watercolor on Ampersand Gessobord