Pigasso Will Paint For Food

  If only I had this raw talent. I would not want to clean up after these guys, but  with the profits that these piglets will be bringing in, they will have their own studio with maid service….    

Ski Texas !

Too sexy for the snow in Colorado, it is time to come back to Texas! Where else can you ski 365 days a year and still have the best brisket taco?  Bearfire is set to open in the fall of 2009 in Ft. Worth,Texas. If you lack imagination, checkout the skiing method that involves jeansContinue reading “Ski Texas !”


I just talked to Peyton about his third day in Phoenix attending the National Youth Forum on Medicine. Yesterday, he watched knee replacement surgery during a live broadcast from the hospital. Today he is on his way to a Veteran’s Hospital.He is now even more convinced that he wants to go into the medical fieldContinue reading “Telemedicine”

Portrait of a La Paloma Ranch Cow

My friend, Janie and I met at Starbuck’s yesterday. Wow, she looks great! I think she is even prettier than she was when our sons, Christopher and Mark were best friends in primary school. I had not seen her in so long, but ran into her last week when I was in San Antonio. HerContinue reading “Portrait of a La Paloma Ranch Cow”