My Last Field Trip

It was so much fun being with Peyton and his classmates today. Some of them had never been to El Mercado before and they all loved it. We saw an exhibit at El Museo Alameda and then were free to explore some of the sights in downtown San Antonio. The kids sang happy Birthday onContinue reading “My Last Field Trip”

Call Me Superstitious

I am not really superstitious, but the other day, I was looking at a really cool necklace that Christopher bought in Port Aransas  when he was in high school. I was tempted to use some of the beads for other necklaces, but thought it might spread the bad karma …..He was wearing it when heContinue reading “Call Me Superstitious”

The Gift of Music

I am so used to running with my iPod that I almost can’t run without it. The fact is doing anything without music is not nearly as uplifting or relaxing depending on the mood. The music on the radio is generally so repetitive that after a while I would rather turn it off. I neverContinue reading “The Gift of Music”