Another day in Paradise

The road goes on forever, but the party never ends…. Our little ranch is in Fairview, Texas, 35 miles south of San Antonio. Tom is the owner of a photography business and an amazing gourmet cook. Lest you think he might be portly, you can check this blog to see several photos of his buff physique and these photos attest to the fact that he is a stud muffin. We are photographers, artists, avid runners, trail riders, animal lovers, proud Americans….and most important, the proud parents of two sons, Christopher and Peyton

5 thoughts on “Another day in Paradise

  1. leicalady,
    I look forward to following your blog and maybe joining in the conversation.
    Sarah and I are big on the family too. Our five have all left the nest; we miss them but they must spread their own wings and we adjust to just two.

  2. Im a 7th grade student doing a project on your art i need u too write a biography about your self you can e-mail me or you can post it either way love the paintings you should paint a colt and the mama!!!


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