Pony Boy

Not sure what to name this painting. It is another image full of memories…..many horses over the years. I have loved them all! This is acrylic on paper……the first of a series.



CR 112

Taking a break, for a change of pace from my favored feathered and furry subjects to paint, I have been recording some of the interesting mini disasters that have occurred out here in the peaceful solitude of the country. The worst fire consumed 0ver 700 acres and we have had our share of floods since the big one in 1998.  My attempt to illustrate fire and flood looked like a Thomas Kinkaid gone bad, really bad. I painted over the saucy waves of gold and the tender pink clouds, to come up with two paintings that I am happy with.

another day in paradise

Big Trouble

I knew that a little stroll with five dogs on  leashes would turn out to be a fiasco. Who wants to have their arms elongated for four miles. We have almost zero traffic on our private road. The two Pomeranians stay right by our side, as well as our Sheltie. They get tired pretty quick and Spooky the smallest wants us to carry her after about a mile. Sky and Flaca are the ones that usually can make it without too much drama. Not today….I could smell something cooking on a grill somewhere nearby and I was not the only one. Well, never one to miss a chance to crash a picnic..Sky took off to see if she could have a sample from our neighbors. We could not talk her out of running all the way to their house.She knew she was in trouble.As much trouble as she caused, it did not take long to be forgiven.

Crazy for Cattle Cubes

The cold weather makes everybody hungry…Today, February 13, 2011 is nice and sunny in Fairview,Texas.  Even Chicago is nice today, I hear. So, why are all the animals still thinking they have to have treats every hour on the hour? I think it is just a habit. I can see a hungry face out of every window in this house! Just saying, not complaining…..

Abstract Art by Dana Spring Parish

purple rain

Yesterday was a day devoted to art. Art class, art books at the half price bookstore and a visit to San Antonio’s most inspiring art gallery. I just finished my second painting of a series of impressionistic landscapes in acrylic paint. It is a great feeling to have fun with a medium that has been challenging in the past. I see trees in my future…..

Worth Seeing

It warms the soul on a cold day when you can walk into a place of business and feel genuinely welcome.  On a freezing day this month of February, I had the luxury to make a return visit to a wonderful art gallery in San Antonio,  The Greenhouse Gallery . Surely it has been close to a year since I have been able to enjoy this treat, but the owners remembered that I paint and that it had been a while. The gallery is celebrating 29 years.A champagne reception will be held on Friday Feb 11 followed by an open house  on Saturday Feb. 12, 2011.There is always breathtaking art by numerous artists . The web-site is first class and new artwork alerts are e-mailed frequently to subscribers. The link is  www.GREENHOUSEGALLERY.COM

All That Glitters

I have had this image in my mind for a long time.

acrylic on Ampersand board

This morning I started reading about the technique called minimalism. It can apply to anything….furniture, landscaping, life in general. This is pretty much the opposite of my life style…I am more of a maximistic person. Yes, I just made up that word…..This applies to food, pets, paintbrushes and did I say food? Well, what I gleaned from my reading was that I should not think about what the painting says about me and it should stand on it’s own without the benefit of being a carbon copy of a famous artist. Not until it was finished did I realize that it does have a story within the brush strokes. It has layers of paint like years of memories. Starting at the top where it is calm, and ending up with a few wrinkles and creases towards the bottom…..There is glitter at the bottom that you can see if you look really close. Just my style. Just like the shiny happy people in my life…….

Snow day in San Antonio

The barn is open for the Longhorns, all two of them, to go into the stalls, but this morning they decided to take a break chilling in their bed of hay that they made for themselves.Notice those eyes that are glued on me. They see me through the windows in the house, the minute that I wake up in the morning. If it is dark outside, I can’t see them, but I know they are there waiting for breakfast!