Meanwhile back at the Ranch

Our evening routine is simple yet effective for keeping all the pasture ornaments fat and happy!All it takes to produce glee is to open a gate and let the ponies explore and sample…well actually devour the fresh grass that has been growing in their absence.  They will fly around the pasture for about five minutesContinue reading “Meanwhile back at the Ranch”

Reference Photos

It was around 1:00 this afternoon and I told Tom that I would like to shoot some quick photos of our Longhorns, Jack and Joe for a painting that I started. “The lighting is not too great right now” he said. I told him that I had not seen them since early this morning, inContinue reading “Reference Photos”

Poop Happens…..

A few months ago, my niece Sara’s daughter, Hannah was walking with me and leading one of the ponies. “What’s the hardest thing about living out here and taking care of all these animals?”she asked. I told her that it was really bad when they got sick and needed doctoring and medicine which includes sleeplessContinue reading “Poop Happens…..”

Back In The Saddle

Mourning is officially over, for everyone except Pony Boy. He usually just carts around little children and gets rewarded with buckets of carrots and sweet feed, but he was a good sport today. He even put up with lots of hugs and kisses. His bridle was dusty and needed a little polishI needed to walkContinue reading “Back In The Saddle”

Walk, Trot, LOPE

LOPE is an organization that was formed to help provide care and rehabilitation to race horses who have been injured or simply are not fast enough to compete. Anyone who has ever owned a horse knows how costly it is just for feed and routine health maintenance. A horse’s legs are delicate and can beContinue reading “Walk, Trot, LOPE”

A river full of ducks and streets full of horses

  So we leave the ranch and the critters behind and set off to the big city of San Antonio to take some photos to inspire our creativity and what do we see? Mallards and Muscovy ducks swimming in the San Antonio river eating nachos and gorditas that the tourists sitting outside the restaurants areContinue reading “A river full of ducks and streets full of horses”