Spring has Sprung

This photo was taken by Leicaman on our morning walk. An unusual view of Texas Bluebonnets, but I love it, probably because of that or maybe because like Daddy Bub….Leicaman loves carrying a camera with him where ever he goes….sometimes two or three. This morning he took photos of the moon…..yesterday it was something different….allContinue reading “Spring has Sprung”

Room With a View

Looking outside of Christopher’s apartment is a far cry from our view at home, but both are as beautiful as they are different. I probably would never have experienced the beauty of Chicago if our son had not decided to make it his home, but I LOVE it. I did not meet a single personContinue reading “Room With a View”

The Awesome Aussie and the Persistent Pom

  We owe the wonderful blessing of owning this awesome Australian Shepherd to our sister, Moye and I just found out a LOT about the Pomeranian breed in a great magazine that Moye gave us. It reads that the Pomeranian breed was originally bred as a sled dog and they weighed 30 pounds and up.Continue reading “The Awesome Aussie and the Persistent Pom”

Mexican Eagles

We have lots of these birds around the ranch, but these two we call Chilly and Willy have been coming back for the last two years and raising their young in a nearby nest. We supplement their food supply in exchange for the pleasure of watching them soar and show off for us.

I love you…… You know who you are

I remember every photograph that I ever took of my boys. “My boys” includes my two brothers, my husband, our two sons and Daddy-Bub. Trying to find these photos is another story. It takes weeks, sometimes months, to find the ones that I want. Then when I find them, sometimes it hurts to see theirContinue reading “I love you…… You know who you are”

Animal House

Can’t have one without the other, as far as we are concerned. Before we had a house out here at the Rockin’ P, we had a horse, or two. It was a while before we realized that those same nimble lips that can search your pockets for a carrot could also turn a door knob.Continue reading “Animal House”

Rockin’ P Pony Camp

The horses know something is up. Campers are arriving. “One carrot per customer” says Miss Piggy, the head counselor. Brushing and braiding their manes and tails is fun for everybody. A little Aussie Awesome goes a long way when it comes to smoothing out unruly pony tails….. Me first!!!!! Mini mac,Velvet, Bailey, Pony Boy, Sarita,Continue reading “Rockin’ P Pony Camp”