I love you…… You know who you are

I remember every photograph that I ever took of my boys. “My boys” includes my two brothers, my husband, our two sons and Daddy-Bub. Trying to find these photos is another story. It takes weeks, sometimes months, to find the ones that I want. Then when I find them, sometimes it hurts to see theirContinue reading “I love you…… You know who you are”

Body Talk

      Horses just KNOW. The ears are a good indicator and an early warning signal to their buddies and enemies. My alpha mare may have delicate little Arabian ears, but she knows how to use them. My herd of ten thrive in their established pecking order. The head honcho always has the advantageContinue reading “Body Talk”

Pigasso Will Paint For Food

  If only I had this raw talent. I would not want to clean up after these guys, but  with the profits that these piglets will be bringing in, they will have their own studio with maid service….    

I’m Too Spooky For Myself

Spooky loves the attention. She is the smallest and easiest to carry around. She never has to walk anywhere…   Sleep tight, don’t let the bugs bite. Or better yet….let’s just watch movies all night !!!!!!!   Let’s watch Lassie again. Shrek is much too scary for me!   I don’t like thunder or loudContinue reading “I’m Too Spooky For Myself”

Daddy’s Little Helper

He might really be trying to taste Tom’s straw hat, but after living with this pony boy for the last 12years, we know that he is always more than willing to hand you a hammer or help you pull weeds, if need be. He is multi-talented and smart as a whip. Life would not beContinue reading “Daddy’s Little Helper”