Ranch Cooking

After a big day riding, we played with the goats and made sure all the critters were safe and tucked in for the night. Not until then did we realize what a terrific appetite we had worked up. No body goes hungry around here. Quite a spread was waiting for us in the ranch house!Continue reading “Ranch Cooking”

Riding The Range

What a blessing to have such wonderful well behaved ponies and such precious children to enjoy them with. Do you ever have to pinch yourself to see if you are really living the dream you always prayed for? Life is good when you have these smiling happy faces to reflect hope for the future. AllContinue reading “Riding The Range”

All The Pretty Pony Tails

While the girls were busy grooming and learning how to french braid the horses manes and tails, Miss Piggy was enjoying a mud facial and taking a nap. She would need her beauty sleep to get ready for the big night ahead. After dinner, she was looking forward to roasting marshmallows and watching movies allContinue reading “All The Pretty Pony Tails”