Cattle Drive In Downtown San Antonio

We bid farewell to the Alamo and the streets of San Antonio, but not before I hugged Bingo and Tator Tot, my Longhorn buddies.  I did find Tom and you would not believe where he had been the whole time I thought I had him in the viewfinder!


Hit The Ground Running

I never did get a look at the bull riders face. I missed the final buck that landed him on his feet like a cat. That feat was within the realm of Tom’s abilities. He was a pole vaulter and State Champion basketball star in high school. He still rides, runs and does Pilates like the major football players do. He would have stuck to that bull like velcro. But this shot says it all. This was  NOT my bronc buster after all. This guy had ridden bulls before. He probably did Pilates, too. I should have slipped him our e-mail address in case he needs knee or hip replacement in the future. He could be Doctor Peyton’s first patient. What a story that would be!!!

Is This My Crazy Sexy Cowboy ?

I needed my 300mm lense but all I had was a little zoom. I could see the outline of a black and white bull and a fit looking Cowboy getting ready to mount. When the chute finally opened the sun was in my eyes, but I could tell that this bull was a tough draw for a first timer. Could Tom  have learned how to ride like this on Sarita? Well, maybe, but our ponies wouldn’t buck to save their life. Pasture ornaments don’t have quite the same motivation as these champions for the Chiropractic profession.

 Well all good things must come to an end, even if it only lasts 8 seconds. Soon I would know for sure if my crazy sexy husband had learned to sit a buck. I kind of hoped it was true. I knew of a few rank unbroke, surly, rescue horses that needed to be placed into a “good home only” and I had found the man for the job.

Another Kodak Moment

Only this time, it was a Canon Rebel XT. So many bulls, so little time to find Tom and try to change his mind about his first bull ride. I  figured he would pick the black and white one that looked like our horse, Sarita, but this was no Missouri Fox Trotter. A cowboy saw my distress and took it upon himself to reassure me. “They jest look bad ass, but I rid me a heifer, them kin be ranker thin any a them bulls. Heck, it’s a whole bunch safer thin gettin’ on a arroplane.” Gr8 I thought, now go away.  I stopped listening as he whistled a bad rendition of By The Time I Git To Phoenix through his missing teeth and edged my way closer to the barricade to try to hear what the announcer was saying. There was a break before the next contestant. I found a space in the crowd and edged through an opening where I could at least see a backlit view of the corral. “Get ready,  this could be the luckiest ride of the day.” The whooping and hollering started for the green horn taking his first ride with a borrowed Stetson and chaps to boot. That couldn’t be Tom. He would be wearing a helmet. Still, in the shadows of the bucking chute, I wasn’t completely sure. The crowd was so loud, I couldn’t even hear the name and where he was from……

Another One Bites The Dust

Tom had the Canon 5D with the 70 to 210 zoom. I had the Rebel XT with the 18 to 55 zoom. Wouldn’t he wait so that he could hand me the camera before he got into the chute ? Would he hand the camera to a stranger just to get the shot and surprise me? I doubted it and would he even take the risk of getting that dirt on his white shorts? He wasn’t wearing boots or even socks. Would they let him ride without chaps? Would he just please borrow a helmet and vest? I had a lot to think about and I couldn’t even remember which direction the bucking bulls were. And then I saw the sign…


Como Agua Para Chocolate

Aguafiestas!!! I said to Tom, which means stick in the mud. Come on and just let me get one picture of you with this guy. “Tator Tot” was Bingo’s buddy and he was taking an afternoon siesta. I had picked Bingo for my steed because he was a pretty color and I liked the name, but Tator Tot was a nice name, too. We were laughing and talking in our version of Spanish that was a foreign tongue to the natives passing by. Forget it, Woman, I’m going to ride me one of them buckin’ bulls” he claimed switching to a Texas twang. Whoa, Cowboy, just because I made it look so easy riding these guys, don’t go and get yourself in agua caliente riding one of those bulls. Besides I had a saddle, unlike the bucking bulls who had names like Firecracker and Widowmaker. I guess I took too much time saying good-bye to my Longhorn friends, because when I looked up, Tom was gone! He was last seen wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts with a fanny pack……




Today was our day to trade in our boots and jeans for shorts and sandals and leave the ranch life for the day. Just one day. The plan was to walk through paved streets, take pictures with the turistas y borrachos, have dinner and margaritas and be home on the range again before we were homesick for the sweet smell of manure. We parked and walked a few blocks in downtown San Antonio and I heard a little whinny, not a big carriage horse whinny.  In the middle of Houston street there were pony rides and mechanical bulls and real live bucking bulls and crazy cowboys riding them. I was tempted to ride the mini mechanical bull, but the guy at the controls had an evil gleam in his eye and the bull was spinning around in circles too fast for me. I trusted the bulls more than that psycho or the Shetlands and I’ve ridden all my life and Tom is a great rider himself, so we figured it was time to give it a try. What’s 8 seconds anyway? It was the most fun day we have had in so long! I am going to soak in the jacuzzi while the photos download……