She & Him

She: “So, drop off up your own f*%$!ing laundry”.Him: “You bet I will. I told you three d@*n times, NO STARCH” She: “Well, I’m not your f*%$!ing slave” Him: Yeah, that’s for sure!” She: “I cook for you, I keep the house immaculate, and this is the thanks I get?” Him:Ha Ha Ha Ha HaContinue reading “She & Him”

Take a Little Trip

Packing for  life in a dorm is always challenging, I am sure. It was different in so many ways this time with Peyton. We drove with Christopher to SMU in Dallas and he had his own car by then. He could get whatever he needed without a problem. Tom and I packed extra food, evenContinue reading “Take a Little Trip”

A Nice Place to Visit, a Great Place to Live

The first time that I looked at Athens, Ohio on the map and read about the Ohio University campus, I thought that it was a special place. It is. Court Street is precious, with the brick streets, great shops and restaurants. On our first visit, I was looking forward to visiting Donkey Coffee and IContinue reading “A Nice Place to Visit, a Great Place to Live”

A little Blood Sweat and Tears

My trip to Ohio to get Peyton moved into the dorm was a great experience. In my unbiased opinion, he is one of the six most incredible men in the whole world. (This includes Daddy Bub, Tom, Christopher and my two brothers, Tracy and BV) I had done a lot of research before we setContinue reading “A little Blood Sweat and Tears”