Just Kickin’ Back

Good food! Lots of sunshine! Everybody slept like a baby…….Can’t wait to go back!


Go fish

This week-end will remain one of my most precious memories. One of the things that I always consider in good times and in bad is that I should never forget to appreciate and cherish the people that I love. When you miss someone the ache is almost unbearable at times. When you love someone so much that it hurts, there are no words to express the bittersweet intensity of life’s treasures. This week-end brought Tom, Christopher, Annie and I together for a wonderful week-end at the beach. It was supposed to rain. We bought cards. It was sunny and beautiful. We loved having Sky, our biggest baby with us. I still can’t believe that we have her.


Moye could given her a home like heaven, just like she has for all her other dogs, but she knew that Sky would love being at the ranch herding the sheep and goats and just being a ranch dog. It doesn’t matter where you are and whether there are storms or sunshine when you know that someone loves you, that’s all you need. Deep in my heart is the prayer that the people who are coping with transitions and losses will be lifted up. Daddy Bub would have loved all the cameras clicking this week-end!


Go Ponies!!!!!!!

It was so much fun last night to see the SMU Mustangs on TV. Especially with these big fans!!!!!

Annie Fox

Tom had fixed ceviche, chili and great appetizers …….

Sky loves the ponies!!!!

They held the lead and looked great for quite a while……

COME ON! you can do it

She & Him

She: “So, drop off up your own f*%$!ing laundry”.Him: “You bet I will. I told you three d@*n times, NO STARCH” She: “Well, I’m not your f*%$!ing slave” Him: Yeah, that’s for sure!” She: “I cook for you, I keep the house immaculate, and this is the thanks I get?” Him:Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ………………”

and they lived Ha Ha Happily ever after!

and they said it would never last......

Happy anniversary early, Sweetheart!!!!!!! I love you! Don’t you ever forget it!!!!!!!

Take a Little Trip

Packing for  life in a dorm is always challenging, I am sure. It was different in so many ways this time with Peyton. We drove with Christopher to SMU in Dallas and he had his own car by then. He could get whatever he needed without a problem. Tom and I packed extra food, even though there is an unlimited array of restaurants on campus at Ohio University. We left early….around 4 in the morning September 1st…it was dark. We made a last minute check of the suitcases before we zipped them up. Good thing we did….

no outfit is complete without dog hair.

The Spookster was trying to stow away with Peyton. She has been sleeping in his bed with him for a few weeks now. My luggage got lost on the way home. I was kind of wishing that I could have stayed just a day or two more and missed the transfer also.

good- bye, Columbus

No worries. The wings are cleared for take off…….

A Nice Place to Visit, a Great Place to Live

Ohio University - South Green

The first time that I looked at Athens, Ohio on the map and read about the Ohio University campus, I thought that it was a special place. It is.

Court Street in Athens, Ohio

Court Street is precious, with the brick streets, great shops and restaurants.

Court Street Diner

On our first visit, I was looking forward to visiting Donkey Coffee and I was not disappointed. They have gallery space that features and promotes local artists and a stage with live music and other entertainment. so many choicesThey are located just off of Court Street at 17 W. Washington St. I love the iced vanilla Chai tea. Maybe I am looking at everything with optimistic rose colored glasses, but it just seemed that all the people that I met were happy and super helpful. Phone numbers from a few exceptionally genuine people were offered in case Peyton needed anything or if I had any questions. If there is any basis to the rumors of Athens being haunted, I can almost say with certainty that yes, Casper the friendly ghost lives there……

to everything there is a season

First Ride in a Police Car

The best thing about it was that it was free. I was walking from the hotel to meet the airport shuttle at the Baker Center on the Ohio University campus early Saturday morning. It was dark. Luckily I had made the trip from the bike path at the hotel so many times that I could find it blind folded. I noticed that someone had switched the signs and arrows that directed students to the different dorms, but some policemen were there to reverse them. They asked me if I was walking all the way from Columbus. I told them I came from Texas, but I had to leave my horse at a hitching post at the airport. I had another 1/2 mile to go, so I was glad to accept a ride with the officer’s the rest of the way. The total distance is less than 2 miles. The cab company that took Peyton and I the same mileage charged us $25.00. The luggage was the reason for the extra charge. It was $11.00 plus tax without bags. We used a different taxi company when we moved into the dorm on Friday. While the driver haggled over the fees with his boss on the cell phone, we loaded our own four pieces of luggage. This should have given us a break. But sadly, no. This trip was $33.00, not including a tip. It’s not like  we had a choice….So, that is why I decided to save the fee whatever it may be and take a walk with just my one suitcase and laptop. The police officer said that the campus was pretty safe, but you still need to be cautious. “Take care of that horse” he laughed…..Take care of my boy, I whispered.

A little Blood Sweat and Tears

My trip to Ohio to get Peyton moved into the dorm was a great experience. In my unbiased opinion, he is one of the six most incredible men in the whole world. (This includes Daddy Bub, Tom, Christopher and my two brothers, Tracy and BV) I had done a lot of research before we set out on foot our first day, but for me….looking at a map on the internet does not compute easily to my pea sized brain. Every destination was either closer (like in your line of vision) or far far away…..and it was HOT! “I am sweating and I NEVER sweat!” Peyton said on about the third mile en route to the OUCU (Ohio University Credit Union)  Once the mirage finally appeared, I collapsed into a chair to await our appointment to open a debit account after first taking advantage of the gratis icy cold water, sodas and cookies. From there our goal was to trek to  the best bike shop in Athens, called Athens Bike Shop to spend the majority of our deposit on a beautiful bicycle equipped with lights, clock,WIFI and Skype so that I can track his every mile…….(just kidding) The following miles flew by as he took like a fish to water, riding his new bike. Athens has a 19 mile bicycle path called the Hockhocking Adena Bike Path that will enable him to fly around the campus. The helmet was my most cherished investment and the most important component as he makes tracks that Ohio has never seen. Vaya con Dios, mi Hijo precioso…….

Andele Mas Pronto!!!!!

Aunt Moye posed a prolific question to Peyton about his new adventure college bound “What is it that you are most looking forward to?” He did not hesitate an instant. “HIGH SPEED INTERNET” He smiled. Forget classes, etc. He was not kidding. He was happy as a clam in the Columbus airport sitting comfortably plugged  into an electrical outlet for four hours.  I had to coax him to get up and disengage just in the nick of time so that we did not miss the bus ride into Athens at 5pm. (His Dad would have had a heart attack, and I would not blame him). Peyton did not care that we had to navigate down an escalator with four suitcases…(I’m kidding, we took the elevator) BUT we were lucky to have made it to the location of our shuttle. One poor girl missed the ride and the driver said TOO bad.  She was probably playing a computer game and did not have her Mom or Dad to unplug her vital signs! Well, at least my country boy wanna be city boy learned hisself a gosh darn good lesson this eevnin’ We done checked into this high falootin motel and who woulda thank  that the INtranet would be slower than molasses? Hell yeah!