Happy Birthday Tiny T

“It’s my birthday! Why do I have to take a bath? I hate baths. It’s embarrassing and humiliating, especially when you take pictures.” Poor Tiny T was pouting the rest of the night of his party. He is two years old and three times bigger than he was when he was born. He already hasContinue reading “Happy Birthday Tiny T”

Eddie Can You Hear Me?

No way our 80 pound bombshell was missing again. Our friend, Bruce had told us that African Sulcata Tortoises can dig over 30 feet underground to seek warmer conditions or even keep cooler in the summer. His cave is now about four feet deep. He takes an afternoon nap in his house and comes outContinue reading “Eddie Can You Hear Me?”

Fast Eddie’s Safe Return

continuing my story from yesterday, after receiving the phone call from the men who had found Eddie, my next step was to try to figure out donde estuvo mi tortuga grande? They were not sure exactly which county road they were on. We did not even have road signs until a few years ago. BeforeContinue reading “Fast Eddie’s Safe Return”

Eddie’s Missing !!!!!

It was last Spring. Our 80 pound African Sulcata Tortoise had found a weak place in his pen and had escaped. Being the start of the mating season, our guess is that he was in search for another large tortoise. The closest ones I knew about were at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard which was noContinue reading “Eddie’s Missing !!!!!”