Fly Away Home

For the last several years, I have visited the same friends in the Texas Hill Country and I still need directions. Even so, I will inevitably make a wrong turn at the last fork in the road. My favorite friend to visit is a four year old Vulture named Buffy who was orphaned and hadContinue reading “Fly Away Home”

Queen of the Rodeo

We would have loved to get Grand Moye on a horse, a pony really. We just could not take the chance, even though our trusty little Welsh gelding is the most intelligent and laid back equine I have ever known. Luckily, my mother-in-law did not miss the experience. We kept her busy and entertained withContinue reading “Queen of the Rodeo”

Out Of Africa

Our African Sulcata Tortoise was estivating last week, which is what they do in winter……but we had 3 inches of rain and the ground was already saturated, so he was underwater and seemingly oblivious to it. The easiest way to move this 80 pound  bombshell is to load him up in a wheel barrow.The lastContinue reading “Out Of Africa”

John Deer and Jane Doe

We have not seen any deer for awhile now. We really loved seeing them. After a ray of sunshine yesterday, it’s kind of a cloudy day today. This is a pencil sketch of a Whitetail Buck that I am working on……Thanks to Leicaman for photographing my art and for the pre- game appetizers Have aContinue reading “John Deer and Jane Doe”